Hello My Name Is: Lissandra


  • ID # 18691
  • Breed Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender female
  • Location In Shelter
  • Color Grey
  • Fixed Yes
  • Age 4 yrs
  • Weight 9.97 lbs
  • Adoption Fee $50

Animal Info

Meet Lissandra, a feline resident at our shelter. This adult cat is not just sweet and friendly, but also curious and smart. Lissandra is quite sociable and loves to engage with humans. However, she prefers to be the only pet in the house. She’s a queen and likes to have all the attention to herself. Lissandra is looking for a loving home where she can be the star. If you’re looking for a companion who will keep you entertained with her smarts and charm, Lissandra is the one for you.