Sometimes It Takes A Village: Uno’s Have a Heart Success Story

When Uno arrived at RHSPCA in May 2022, RHSPCA staff knew he’d have a long road ahead of him. Plagued by congenital eye defects, Uno was completely blind and in need of medical treatment. After spending some time with Uno, it was clear that he would struggle with being housed in the shelter due to the ever changing environment. Additionally, he had no leash skills and no training to help him cope with his lack of eyesight, which made it more difficult for staff and volunteers to take him in and out of the kennel. The decision was made early on to seek foster placement for Uno while we worked on figuring out his medical needs.

A few months after Uno arrived, he was placed into foster care with Abigail. This was a life changing opportunity for Uno. Abigail was dedicated to helping Uno better understand how to live with his disability, and she expanded his world through training. We watched as Uno learned basic manners, figured out how to navigate new spaces blindly, conquered walking on a leash, and best of all, got the love and attention he so desperately deserved. Abigail taught Uno how to live his life to the fullest, and we’re forever grateful for her commitment and dedication!

While in foster care, we continued to explore Uno’s medical needs. He was referred to an eye care specialist in Richmond, who determined that Uno had retinal degeneration in the left eye. Although he was blind in this eye, it was not causing him pain. An exam of his right eye revealed a previous corneal perforation, entropion, cherry eye, and blindness. It was determined that these issues were causing Uno to be uncomfortable, and the recommendation was for the eye to be removed. In February, Uno had his eye enucleation surgery at a local veterinary clinic. Abigail noted an immediate difference in Uno afterwards. It was clear that the eye had most definitely been uncomfortable, and he was now feeling much better. At the end of May 2023, Uno was finally cleared for adoption. In early August, after 465 days in our care, Uno found his family!

The Have a Heart Fund was integral in providing the ability to provide this extra care for Uno. Since the beginning of this year, this fund has helped over 100 animals at RHSPCA get the extra veterinary care they need prior to adoption. The fund allows animals to receive the life changing care that they need, and gives them a second chance. To read more about the Have a Heart Fund, visit

To support animals who need a little extra care, please donate to the Have a Heart Fund online (, through Venmo (@rhspca), or by mail (PO Box 413, Harrisonburg VA 22803). Please be sure to select the fund from the drop-down if donating online or note that the donation is for the Have a Heart Fund if donating via Venmo or mail. Your support makes a world of difference for these animals, and the need is never ending. Thank you for allowing us to continue to provide this necessary care with your donation!