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Your Donations Change Lives

Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA provides lifesaving support to over 2,600 pets each year. As a private nonprofit organization, RHSPCA does not receive ongoing funding from any national animal charities, such as the ASPCA or HSUS. Instead, RHSPCA relies on the local community to give generously to improve animal welfare in Rockingham & Harrisonburg. Donate today to support our Mission & Vision.

RHSPCA is participating in “The Great Community Give”

Your donation will help our most at-risk animals by providing them with critical medical care that they need prior to adoption. RHSPCA’s goal is to raise $40,000 towards the Have A Heart Fund during this years Great Community Give. Learn more about The Great Community Give and opportunities to support RHSPCA by clicking HERE. If you’re ready to make a difference, visit our official Great Community Give page by clicking the button below. Read our story and make your donation between April 3rd-17th!