Become A Foster with RHSPCA

Open Your Heart & Home to Animals in Need

Each year, we take in 2,700 animals into our care! That’s over 1,000 kittens and nearly 800 adult dogs and cats each. And occasionally we take in some puppies as well.  Our facility has less than 70 dog kennels and 100 kennels for cats.  We could not carry out our lifesaving work without our fosters.

You can help us save more lives by temporarily opening your home and helping us help more animals.

To learn more about our foster program, watch the video below!

Our greatest needs…

Single dog homes

We are in need of foster homes that don’t have other dogs OR are able to isolate the foster dog from resident dogs.  Dogs that do not get along with other dogs and dogs under medical treatment are in the greatest need of foster placement.

Bottle-fed kittens

Fosters who have experience providing care to kittens age 0-4 weeks old are desperately needed. If you do not have experience, we will provide training.

Nursing mother cats with kittens

Nursing mothers and their kittens are highly susceptible to disease due to their compromised immune systems, so the shelter environment can be high risk for them. Foster homes that can provide a separate room or isolated area where the nursing mother can care for her kittens are needed.

Email our foster team directly, using ‘Single dog home’, ‘Bottle-fed kittens’ OR ‘Nursing mothers’ as the subject line for an immediate response.