Hey there. I’m Nala! I’m a year and a half young and looking for my forever home. I’m a little (60lb) couch potato that wants nothing more than to snooze and dream next to my human. I’m a little shy at first with new people, especially men, but once I warm up I will be quick to snore on your lap and receive all the lovins. I do pretty well on a leash and behave well in the car. I’m also potty trained and do well in a crate while my human is at work. I’m a gentle soul who just wants to find a permanent home of my own.


Hi, I’m Benji and I’m looking for a forever home. I’m a shy guy that’s still learning to trust new people so I will need a quiet, predictable household that’s willing to show me the ropes and help me gain confidence in new situations. I love to run and play with other dogs. I’m respectful with cats. I’m crate trained and working on housetraining. Apply for me today!


Hi there, I’m Cali! I’m a sweet, friendly, and a bit of a goofy girl. I love to play and I’m full of energy, but sometimes, I can be a little shy. It takes me a moment to warm up, but once I do, we’re best friends for life! I get along well with other dogs, we can have so much fun together. I do best with older kids, they understand me better. I promise to make you laugh with my playful antics and fill your life with love and joy. I may be a shelter dog, but I have so much love to give. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share all my love and energy. Could that be with you?


Hello there, I’m Cyrus! I might be a little shy when we first meet, but give me some time and I’ll show you my sweet and curious side. I love exploring new places, sniffing out interesting smells, and playing with my doggy friends. I’m a gentle soul, so I’d prefer a home with older kids who can understand my need for quiet time. Cats, however, are a different story – we just don’t see eye to eye. But don’t let that deter you! I’m a loyal companion, full of love to give. I promise, if you choose me, we’ll create beautiful memories together. Adopt me and let’s start our adventure!


Hi, I’m Max! Life is a game and I’m all in. I love to play, run, jump, and make everyone around me smile with my goofy antics. I’m a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you, we’ll be the best of friends. I have a lot of energy, so I’d love a family who can keep up with me, especially older kids who love to play as much as I do. I promise to bring joy, laughter, and a whole lot of love into your life. If you’re looking for a loyal friend and a playful companion, I’m your guy!


Hello, I’m Zoya! I’m a bundle of sweetness and warmth. You’ll find me to be a friendly soul, always ready to cuddle up for some affection. I love to play, and my bravery shines through in my adventurous spirit. However, I can be a little shy, especially around feline friends, so a home without cats would be best for me. I’m also more comfortable with older kids, as I can be a bit fearful around the hustle and bustle of younger ones. Despite my timidness, I promise to fill your home with love and joy. Adopting me would mean a loyal friend for life, and a chance to show you just how much love I have to give.


Hello, I’m Fiona. I’m a bit shy, but once you get to know me, I’ll show you my sweet and curious side. I’m brave, too. I prefer the company of older kids. They understand my need for gentle handling and patience. I may be a bit reserved at first, but give me some time. I’ll warm up to you and show you the love you’ve been missing. My past may be a mystery, but my future is bright. Will you be a part of it? Adopt me and let’s start our adventure together. I promise to be the best companion you could ever wish for.


Hi there, I’m Nikko! I’m a sweet, friendly guy with a playful, energetic spirit. My days are filled with chasing toys, exploring my surroundings, and giving out the best doggy cuddles. I’m always ready for a game of fetch or a brisk walk. I’m also quite the social butterfly and love making new friends. My boundless energy makes me a perfect companion for older children who can keep up with my high energy. Life with me is never dull, I promise. Adopting me means embracing a life filled with fun, laughter, and lots of love. I can’t wait to meet you!


Hi there, I’m Pepper! I’m a young, friendly girl with a heart full of love and a mind full of curiosity. I adore cuddles and playtime equally. I love learning new things, showing off my smarts with every trick I master. My energy is boundless, and I’m always ready for a game of fetch or a fun adventure. I’m playful and spirited, and I promise to fill your life with joy and laughter. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share my boundless love and curiosity. Adopt me, and let’s create wonderful memories together! I am positive for lyme disease. Visit the shelter to learn more.


Roscoe is a fun loving guy who’s always down for an adventure! Roscoe LOVES being outside and spending time with his people. Whether that be going for a walk, a hike, exploring new areas or just hanging out outside, Roscoe will make sure you never have to do it alone! If you’re interested in Roscoe, come to the shelter today!