* This cat is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *

It was found at 1225 Reservoir Street, cross street Dutch Mill Court in the City of Harrisonburg on 08/11/2022. It has no collar or identification and no matching lost reports are on file.


I’m sure you’ve noticed how cute I am. My name is Nessa and I feel like we are going to be best friends. Nessa loves to explore the world but she is also a homebody. She loves attention and will want lots of pets. Her sweet personality will leave you wanting lots of cuddles and lucky for you, she is a cuddle bug. She is all ready to go to her forever home!!

Christopher Tracy

I’m Christopher Tracy and I believe life is a parade! Mr. Christopher Tracy is a handsome gentleman who, once he gets to know you, loves to be the center of everything. He once purred that while he was hanging out under the moon, it reminded him of a cherry. He is looking for a forever home with a forever best friend because he believes if two people really love each other, they can’t be separated no matter what happens. If you’re looking for a special kitty who loves food and naps, Christopher Tracy is the prince for you!!

Darling Nicky

Well, hello there! I’m Darling Nicky and I am certainly true to my name. Darling Nicky is a sweet little lady who is looking for a castle to call her own. She is independent so a prince isn’t necessary; therefore if you’re a frog, you can be her best friend, too. This lady enjoys playing with her toys and loves eating. If it sounds like you have the purrfect castle for Darling Nicky, sign on the dotted line so you can take her home.

Dorothy Parker

I’m Dorothy Parker and I’m a curious gal. It is said the cure for boredom is curiosity and I just despise being bored. Dorothy Parker has a way with purrs. She is still a kitten and has lots of places she wants to explore. Don’t let her desire for adventures full you though, she enjoys curling up for a good nap, too. She can be a bit shy to begin with but if you are ready to embark on a journey with a little lady who knows who she is and doesn’t mind telling you, adopt Dorothy Parker today. You won’t regret it.


The name is Bosley and I bet you are an angel!! This adorable tabby is quite the lover once he warms up to you. He loves scratches behind his ears and a comfy spot to nap in. He is only three so he still loves to bat around toys. A best friend is who he is looking for and if that sounds like you, be his angel and adopt him.


Hi! My name is LeeLoo and I am out of this world. LeeLoo believes she was brought to Earth to be your best friend. She has a soul so pure so be prepared to be loved tremendously. This little lady is sweet and enjoys being held and getting scratches behind her ears. She is also fond of playtime so lots of toys are a must. LeeLoo honestly can’t believe you haven’t filled out an application for her yet!!


I’m Sashimi and my favorite place in the entire world is Japan. I’ve never been, but how cool would it be to go? Sashimi may love Japan, but her second favorite place to be is in your arms. She is a cuddly girl who would love a forever home where she can spend her days napping. She also enjoys playing with her toys and would be so happy if you played with her. Fill out an application for her today!