Trixie here is ready to be someone’s forever lap cat. She is basically a real life squish-mallow and would make the perfect addition to your couch. She is sweet with people, enjoys being pet, and seems to not mind other cats too much. Come check her out today!


Sarge is a large (59lbs) 1-year-old pitbull who was brought to us due to his owners moving and being unable to take Sarge with them.

Sarge is a very large and in charge man. He pulls very hard on the leash and would benefit from consistent training for leash manners. Although he’s a big, burly, man, he is scared of vacuums and squirrels. He enjoys chasing tennis balls in the play yard and shredding up stuffed toys. Due to his boundless energy and strength, he would be better suited for a home with older children.

Sarge has gotten along well with other dogs while in our care but would prefer a meet and greet before going home with his potential best friend.

Sarge has been diagnosed with Lyme disease and has been showing symptoms of lameness while in our care, therefore, he has begun treatment. Lyme is a tick-borne illness that can be treated with a 21 day cycle of medication but may have long lasting side effects. Sarge has also undergone treatment for a tail amputation due to being stressed in kennel and developing “happy tail”, when strong tail repeatedly hits solid objects with force while wagging resulting in the thin skin of the tail splitting open.

If you are interested in Sarge, submit an adoption application and visit him today!


Buster is a large(61lbs) adult 4 years old) hound that was brought to us along with his sister due to a familial situation.

Buster is a loud mouth, snow loving, wild child that enjoys howling at the moon and getting pets until he kicks his legs. Buster enjoys chasing cats and livestock so he would do best in a home without either. He has lived with children in his previous home and was said to do great with them.

Buster has gotten along with several other dogs while in our care but would prefer a meet and greet before going home with his potential best friend.

Buster has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a tick borne diseases that may have symptoms such as lameness, low appetite, and fatigue to name a few. Consulting with a veterinarian upon adoption about the best treatment options is highly recommended.

If you are interested in Buster, submit an adoption application and visit him today!


Meet Sadie! She is a 2 year old, ball-catching superstar who loves all sports but tennis is surely her favorite. A perfect day for smart Sadie includes going for a jog or playing ball, stopping for a pup cup, then snuggling up for a nap on your lap. Sadie would prefer a home without other pets but she can be the single light of your life and soak up all the attention that she can get her paws on. She is allergic to both chicken and beef so she would need a home that is understanding of her dietary needs. Sadie will also need a home with adults only due to being weary of strangers at first and taking time to warm up to new friends. If you love going on adventures and are a fan of tennis, you might be the perfect match for sweet Sadie girl. Fill out an application to meet her today!