Drako was surrendered to us due to sudden housing issues unrelated to Drako. Drako is a shy man at first, but once he knows you, he shows you just how much of a softy he is. Drako is protective of his people so a calmer house with not a lot of traffic would be best. He is just as smart as he is handsome! Drako is housebroken, crate trained and leash trained. Drako loves playing fetch, going for long walks or hikes and cuddling with his family. Come by the shelter today to meet Drako!


Daisy is a quiet girl waiting for the right home to help her blossom into her full personality! She gets anxious around new people and places, but time and patience are key in supporting her. Her favorite pastime is going on walks. If you’re looking for a best friend to steal your heart, fill out an application and come meet Daisy today!


Meet Horseradish, he’s a good boy with a big voice! Horseradish gets an A+ in sweetness, and cuteness! He yells for your attention any time he sees you, and begs to be pet. We love him for his big personality and his loving demeanor. Come meet Horseradish today!


Are you the kind of person who appreciates the simple beauty of running in circles until you can’t catch your breath? So is Vega! She is a bundle of energy and joy who loves being outside and getting into rough, good-hearted play. When she gets really excited (this happens a lot because life is so exciting), she will pull on the leash, but not to worry – Vega tires quickly and is just as happy with an easy stroll through the neighborhood. She’s still learning what toys are and discovering all the ways to play with them! She will thrive in a home that feeds off of her charisma and is consistent with training so that she learns how to be an even better canine citizen. Does Vega sound like your kind of gal? Fill out an application and meet her today!


Meet Luke! Luke is a 4 year old, Coonhound. He was surrendered by his owner due to him not having the skills to be a hunting dog, Luke is looking for a new job now, he wants to be the best couch potato he can be! Luke is a friendly, goofy guy that loves going on walks and spending time hanging out. Does Luke sound like the perfect dog to you? Fill out an adoption application and come meet him today!


Meet Lola! She’s a seven-month-old puppy on the look out for her forever home. Her favorite activities are playing with all the toys and being the center of attention. Lola loves to be around people, so she can get nervous when left alone for extended periods of time. She would do best in a home that can offer time and patience to help her gain confidence. If you’re searching for your new best friend, visit Lola at the shelter today and see if she’s the one for you!


Meet Icy! She’s a 6 year old, Husky, Cattle dog mix. Icy’s favorite activities are car rides, going for walks and pup cups! She knows a number of commands, including “sit, “lay down, “shake”. Icy can be a little shy at first when meeting new people but warms up quickly and loves to be the center of attention! Are you interested in Icy? Fill out an adoption application and come meet with her today!


Meet Whiskey! He’s a 8 year old, Border collie mix. Whiskey was surrendered by his owners due to not getting along with another dog in the home. Whiskey is described as affection and loves attention, he’s not much into playing with toys but will take all of the pets and attention you can give! He also walks like a real gentlemen on a leash and enjoys a nice slow stroll around the block. If this laid back guy sounds like a perfect fit for you, fill out an adoption application and come meet whiskey today!


Meet Star! Star is a 6 year old, Plott hound mix. Star is a easy going lady, she’s a little shy at first but doesn’t take long at all to show you her true personality! Star enjoys going on slow walks and spending quality time with her favorite people. If you’re interested in meeting with Star, fill out an adoption application and come meet with her today!


Meet Brandy! Brandy is a 6 year old, Shepherd/Border collie mix. Brandy was surrendered to the shelter when her owners were moving and couldn’t take her with them. She had lived with her previous family ever since she was a young pup. Brandy LOVES to be brushed and enjoys all of the pets she can get! Shes a little nervous being out in the world now and may take some time to adjust to new environments and make new friends while on the search for her forever family. Does brandy sound like she would be a prefect addition to your family? Fill out an adoption application and meet her today!