Meet Maddie, a chill companion who loves to cuddle and play! Maddie is well-mannered, crate trained, house broken, and a good walker! She’s an easy-going girl who enjoys a calm environment, making her a perfect fit for a peaceful home. She thrives on one-on-one attention and would do best as the only dog in the home. Maddie’s playful spirit and mellow nature make her a wonderful furry friend. Her loyalty and love are unending. With Maddie, every day is filled with joy and cuddles. Adopt Maddie and add a dash of sweetness and a whole lot of love to your life.


The only thing this Pirate is out to steal is your heart (and maybe a few treats here and there). Pirate is a handsome young dog with a heart of gold. He can be a little shy at first, but cant get enough of you once he warms up to you quickly! When he’s not being a couch potato, he loves to be outside on an adventure or going on car rides! Pirate has lived with children before and done well, as well as a smaller dog, who he also got along with! He also coexisted with cats, but would chase them sometimes. He does have a prey drive towards squirrels and rabbits. If you’re interested in meeting Pirate, come to the shelter today!


Layla is a sweet soul who’s looking for the perfect family to give all her love to! With her happy-go-lucky attitude, she’s always up for whatever adventures you have in store. She spent most of her time tied up outside, so she’s looking forward to all the luxuries that come with living inside a home! She may need some help figuring out how to live inside a home, but she’s a smart girl who loves to please her people! She’s lived with children and done well, but she can get jumpy when she gets excited, which may be overwhelming for smaller children. She’s also done well around other dogs and loves all sorts of people! Her favorite activities are sunbathing, playing with ball type toys, sticks, and being with her people! If you’re interested in meeting this sweet girl, come to the shelter today!


Meet Coco! This girl may come off as shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! Coco loves to love! Coco is looking for someone to show her that the world isn’t as scary as she makes it out to be. She warms up quickly to new people and shows her goofy, energetic personality. She’s done well around children, but due to her being a bit nervouse, she would do best in a home with older children or children who display a lever of understanding or knowledge on how to respectfully interact with dogs. She said to be crate trained, housebroken and has done well interacting with dogs. She loves car rides, playing with toys or with her people and being a part of anything you do, even if its just staring at you. If you’re interested in meeting Coco, come to the shelter today!


Meet Rosie, a senior feline resident of our shelter. Rosie’s personality shines as bright as her name suggests. Her sweet nature is evident in her gentle approach to life, always ready to share a quiet moment with anyone who takes the time to sit with her. Rosie may be a little shy at first, but once she warms up, her friendly demeanor is sure to win you over. Despite her age, Rosie has a lot to offer. She’s the perfect companion for those seeking a calm, loving pet. Rosie’s looking for a home where she can spend her golden years basking in the love she so richly deserves. Adopt Rosie, and let her sweetness fill your life.

Red Beans

What’s not to like about Red Beans? This guy has a heart of gold and ready to show off his amazing personality. When Red Beans isn’t sleeping on his favorite couch, you can find him on the hunt for treats or right by your side. He loves car rides and people! He loves older kids who display a level of understanding and know how to be respectful around dogs. His enemies consist of running or walking long distances, blueberries, cats, squirrels, vacuums and blow dryers. Red Beans does have some medical issues that will need to be kept up with, but it doesn’t seem to stop this guy from being a happy and living pup! If you’re interested in Red Beans, Come to the shelter today!


Meet Mimi, a charming adult cat whose personality lights up any room. Her sweet demeanor is matched only by her friendly nature, making her the perfect companion for those seeking a gentle friend. Mimi’s cuddly side is sure to bring warmth to even the coldest days, and her curiosity keeps life interesting. Mimi’s the an ideal pet for any loving home. Don’t miss the chance to bring this wonderful friend into your life!


Meet Azalea! If you’re looking for a sweet girl that loves to walk and snuggle, you’ve met your match! She previously lived with young children, cats and a dog and did well around everyone. She is still young and exhibits some of the puppy behaviors like chewing on items she shouldn’t occasionally and getting a little too excited at times. She’ll benefit from ongoing training and socialization in her adoptive home.

Overall, she’s a very sweet young dog who makes friends easily and quickly. An active household with a young family and some playmates would be ideal for her. Come by and see if she is the right one for your family.


Meet Tater, a young pup with a heart full of love. His sweet nature and friendly disposition make him the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loyal friend. Tater can come off as a little shy or nervous at first but it doesnt take long for his energetic and goofy side to shine through! He needs a patient, loving family who will help him come out of his shell. If you’re interested in this sweet boy, come to the shelter today!


Sama is a young and handsome boy, ready to bring the energy and love into your home! Sama loves to go for long walks or hikes, playing around outside, sleeping and lounging around when he’s done playing. He’s eager to please and is easily motivated by treats, which will help train him to be your perfect companion! If you’re interested in meeting Sama, come to the shelter today!