Walter went missing on 07/16/24 from 51 Canoe Lane near Beldor Lane in Elkton, VA. No known forms of identification.


Meet Thoreau! He is a shy, but gentle and affectionate guy looking for his forever home where he can nap, cuddle, and occasionally play with toys. This gentle giant does well with kids and other cats and would love to join your household. Take a chance on this sweet boy today!


Chuck went missing on 07/13/24 from West Bank St near West Ave in Bridgewater, VA. He is microchipped.


Baby went missing on 07/12/2024 from Klines Mill Road near Woodlands Church Road in Linville, VA. She is microchipped. Very friendly.


***This animal is not yet available for adoption***

Found on Garbers Church Road near Erikson Ave. He is microchipped. Has a known owner.


Meet Marian, a lovable feline who has won over the hearts of everyone at the shelter. Her sweet and friendly nature is evident in her gentle purrs and the soft biscuits she kneads when cradled in your arms. Marian is not just sweet, she’s also a bundle of fun with her goofy antics that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Her vocal expressions are a delight, conveying her thoughts in the most endearing manner. Marian’s gentleness and affectionate demeanor make her an ideal companion. She is more than just a cat, she’s a friend who would bring warmth and joy into any home. Adopt Marian and experience the unconditional love and companionship she has to offer!


Meet Mammina, a sweet and gentle soul who thrives on affection and companionship. Her mellow demeanor makes her the perfect companion for those seeking a calm presence in their lives. Mammina is a curious feline, always interested in what her human friends are up to. She’s incredibly cuddly, ready to curl up in your lap and purr away the hours. Her love for humans is undeniable, she seeks to keep you company, providing a comforting presence. With her gentle purrs and love for affection, Mammina promises to bring warmth and joy to her forever home. Adopt Mammina and fill your home with her sweet, loving spirit!


Meet Prim, a charming feline who’s as intelligent as she is sweet. With a heart as big as her personality, Prim exudes a gentle, friendly aura that instantly draws everyone in. Her gentle nature and loving demeanor make her a perfect companion for those quiet evenings at home. She’s friendly with everyone she meets, making her a great fit for any family. Despite her current situation, Prim remains positive and full of life. Her resilience is truly inspiring. Adopt Prim and let her sweet, gentle spirit brighten your life.


Hi! I’m Gretchen, the sweetest mama cat you’ll ever meet! When I’m not exploring the house, I enjoy laying on someone’s lap and getting lots of pets. I haven’t met too many other animals, but I’m open to it! Come meet me today and I might just be your furever friend 🙂


Meet Simba, a delightful feline companion who’s as sweet as honey and as friendly as they come. He’s an adult cat with a heart full of love and a spirit full of curiosity. Simba’s favorite pastime? Curling up for a cuddle or playfully chasing after a ball of yarn. He’s a lover of head scratches, often leaning into your hand for more. His personality is as beautiful as his coat. Simba is not just a cat; he’s a friend, a confidante, and a source of joy. Adopt Simba and fill your home with his warmth and playful charm. He’s waiting to add a dash of joy to your life!