* This cat is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *

It was found on 09.18.23 near the intersection of North Main Street & West Washington Street in the City of Harrisonburg. It has no collar or microchip.


* This kitten is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *


This is Grimm a 5-month-old furry kitty with a bossy little attitude. However, he is very sweet at times and only wants attention when he wants attention. He is a great addition to a family with kids older than 12 in the home. He can be very spicy at times but with the right family and some patience and TLC. He would be a great companion. He loves to play with balls and loves to eat treats. He will be ready for adoption in mid-September.


This is Silas he is a male and is four months old. He loves to play and hang out with other cats. He loves toys and eating and playing with his siblings and the house cats that we have. He is still a little shy but with patience and some TLC. I believe Silas will be a great addition to any family.


* This cat is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *

It was found in the area of Hank’s BBQ on Bloomer Springs Road and Spotswood Trail in McGaheysville, VA on 09.19.23.


**This cat is not yet available for adoption.** This cat was found on S High St, Harrisonburg VA on 9/18/23. Cat has no forms of identification.


Macho went missing from 1992 Medical Ave, Harrisonburg VA on 9/12/23. He is microchipped and was wearing a flea collar. He is friendly to people but skittish in new areas.


Shadow is a gorgeous gray kitten who was raised in a foster home with his mom and two siblings. He is very playful but also loves to snuggle with his humans. He gets along great with other cats, dogs, and kids. He is not afraid of anything and would make a great addition to any home!


Sky came into foster care from a colony of cats when she had kittens. She spent several months in a foster home as she raised her kittens and learned to live in a house. She is ready for her forever home now! Sky has adjusted to life inside and enjoys cuddles from humans she trusts. She will purr when she sees her favorite person and come running to be picked up and snuggled. But she is still very scared of unknown people and shows no interest in making friends with other household pets. She tolerates them and will nap comfortably within a few feet of other cats, but doesn’t want to play or interact with other pets. Sky would do best in a quiet and stable home. She
does best with older children