Jasper is a little boy who had a rough beginning. He had a cold and because he couldn’t smell he didn’t eat. He was syringe fed for 5 days by his foster, when he was little, so he became a very loving kitten. He loves his people! He is very playful and curious. When it is time to nap you will find him curled up next to you. Best kitten ever. He loves his brother Onyx and the resident dog and cat


**This cat is not yet available for adoption.** This cat was found at on 17083 New Market Rd Timberville VA on 1/28/23. This animal has no forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.)


Do you need someone to keep you warm during these long, cold winter nights? DJ is here to the rescue with his velvety soft fur and warm cuddles. He hasn’t been at the shelter long and is a bit shy at first, but this guy is sure to win you over. Come by today and check him out!


Shadow went missing from the Days Inn at 1703 E Market St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. The owner had moved from Summit Ave in Harrisonburg, and they noted he may try to travel back to that street. He was last seen with no forms of identification. His owner describes him as “very strong and intelligent” and is “very sweet with humans.”


Meet Tom, a big, beautiful green eyed guy! He’s quite lovely and very obviously loves people, and especially children. Tom is generally a laid-back kid of guy, and is content with small things, like a full belly and a soft blanket to snuggle up on. Tom enjoys pets and attention, and would make a great family pet. Come meet Tom today!


Meet Ella, she has the most beautiful coat, and the most amazing green eyes you’ve ever seen! She is the sweetest girl, with a big kind personality. She hops up to you for pets, and loves attention. Ella does well with other cats and would be a great fit for a large family or a single family home. Come meet Ella today!