Hi, I’m Ollie. I very recently came into the care of the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA and am already available for adoption. Yay for me! However, this also means that I am still adjusting to the sites and sounds of being in an animal shelter and being indoors.

You see, I lived outdoors at my previous family’s place. I got along with most dogs that I met and had an easy time making friends with grownup, although I didn’t meet a lot of new people. The family took good care of me and I liked hanging out with the kids and chasing the cats. Yes, I’m young and naughty so while I liked hanging out with the kids, I would chase and herd them. The kids weren’t terribly fond of my way of playing and were sometimes overwhelmed.

So I’m ready for my new home. I would do best in a home with older children, one that would know not to fall for my tricks and run so I can herd them. I could live with a dog fine but living with cats would be too much fun for me. And none for the cats.

Remember, I’m still adjusting to being at the RHSPCA so don’t be surprised if I’m a little slow to warm up. Spend a little time with me, bring some yummy treats, and I’ll warm up quickly. Hoping to go home with my adoptive family soon.

Oh, I mentioned I lived outdoors. So living indoors will be an adjustment. The nice staff here has told me about bathroom manners but it’s still a foreign concept. I’m open to crate training if I’m given some puzzles to keep me occupied and not left in there for too long. I think I can get the hang of going potty outdoors with some patient training.


Bianca is a 6 month old, Pitbull terrier. Bianca is part of a litter of puppies that were born to her previous owner’s resident dog, they were unable to rehome her so she found here way to the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA. Bianca is a little shy at first when meeting a new friend but doesn’t take long to warm up! If Bianca sounds like the perfect, playful pup for you come meet her today!


Meet Chewy, not much could be cuter than his huge green dough eyes, and his peachy colored nose. Chewy is so majestic looking! He loves getting pets, and having a nice big bowl of food. He is a simple guy, and doesn’t have many cares in the world as long as he has a place to rest is head. Chewy has been exposed to a large dog and two cats in a previous home. According to previous owners he is said to be slightly submissive to other animals. Chewy has not lived with other animals in the past 5 years however, but has done well around other cats in the shelter environment. Chewy would make an excellent companion for any home, come meet Chewy today!


Infinity went missing from Nelson Dr, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801 on 05/29/2023. She was last seen wearing a collar with a bowtie, and is microchipped. Infinity only has three legs. The cat is described as “very nervous and skittish” by her owner.

Mr Kitty (Lost Cat)

05.30.23 Mr Kitty went missing on 05.25.23 from the area of Pleasant Valley Road and Spaders Church Road. Mr Kitty is very friendly. He was not wearing a collar or microchipped. A photo is not currently available.

Little Girl (Lost Cat)

Little Girl and Mr Kitty went missing on 05.25.23 from the area of Pleasant Valley Road and Spaders Church Road. Little Girl is somewhat feral. She wan not wearing a collar and is not microchipped. A photo is not currently available.


Oliver is a quiet but very affectionate guy! He enjoys meeting you at the door and loves giving head bumps and kisses. He really enjoys toys and will keep himself entertained quite happily. Oliver’s favorite thing is to curl up next to you at night and keep you company. He came to the shelter with another cat who has already been adopted, and doesn’t mind the other cats in his foster home. Oliver would make a great addition to your family!


**This dos is not available for adoption.** This dog was found on South Main St, Harrisonburg VA on 5/30/23. He has a known owner.


Meet Molly! She is a beautiful cat that makes the absolute best kitty biscuits. She is a tad nervous at first but just as soon as she gets her head and neck scratched she becomes such a love bug. She gets along with cats as well as dogs. She loves to play with her string and would especially like to have someone spend a lot of time snuggling with her.


Nila went missing from Belle Vista Dr, Staunton VA on 5/27/2023. She went missing without any forms of identification.