Lucy went missing from Rachel Dr, Penn Laird, VA, 22846 on 12/06/2023. She is microchipped.


Meet Vexx, a dog with a heart full of joy and a spirit of endless curiosity. He is an adult dog, but his playful nature would have you believe he’s still a puppy. Every day is a new adventure for Vexx, whether it’s chasing after a leaf blowing in the wind or investigating a new smell. He is not just curious about the world around him, but also about the people he meets. He loves to play fetch, learn new tricks, and is always ready for a good belly rub. Vexx is more than just a shelter dog; he’s a companion waiting to share his love and enthusiasm for life. His playful, curious nature is sure to bring joy and laughter to any home. Adopt Vexx and add a touch of adventure to your everyday life.


Hi there, I’m Dixie! I’m an old soul with a heart full of love. I’ve been told I’m sweet, and I sure do love to give kisses and cuddles. My tail wags with joy every time I see a friendly face. I’ve got this thing for belly rubs, you see. They’re my absolute favorite! And oh, I adore treats. My hearing may not be what it used to, but the crinkle of a treat bag? I’ll hear that every time! My age has taught me the value of a good nap and the joy of simple companionship. I may be in my golden years, but my spirit is as vibrant as ever. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share all the love I’ve got to give. Adopting me means gaining a loyal friend who will cherish every moment we spend together.


This dog went missing on 12/06/23 from College Street near King Street in Dayton Va. He is wearing a collar.


Meet Jynx, a gentle soul with a purr that could melt the coldest heart. She’s an adult cat who loves nothing more than a good head scratch and a cuddle session on a comfy couch. Jynx is a curious cat, always interested in what’s going on around her. She’ll happily keep you company while you go about your day, providing sweet companionship. Her friendly demeanor makes her a joy to be around. Jynx’s gentle, loving nature would make her a wonderful addition to any home. She’s ready to share her warmth and affection with a family who will cherish her. Come meet Jynx today!


Kuzco is a very curious and observant kitten. He loves to play around with his brother Kronk. He prefers to do his own thing for the most part, but will sleep with you at night if you let him. He loves to have his belly rubbed and will nibble on your fingers out of love. He is very playful and kind.


Kronk is an affectionate kitten with a heart as soft as his fur. He always wants to cuddle & purrs. He is very charming & will be a very heartwarming character to any home. He is a great companion to his brother, Kuzco, & will be a sweet companion to whoever opens their heart to him. He has the kindest soul.


This cat went missing on 12/04/23 from Blue Ridge Dr near Star Crest Dr in Harrisonburg Va. She is microchipped.


This cat went missing on 11/14/23 from Bethel Church Rd near Rolling Creek Lane in Elkton Va. He is microchipped.


This handsome fellow is loveable. Binx loves to play, especially wrestling with his siblings. He loves to eat just as much, and is very vocal when he feels the need to be picked up for some snuggles.