Meet Cali, a senior feline resident of our shelter who has a heart as golden as the sun. Cali’s personality is a blend of sweetness, friendliness, and mellow charm. She carries an air of gentleness around her, making her a comforting presence. Her loyalty is unwavering, a testament to her loving nature. She revels in affection, cherishing every pat and cuddle. Her purrs are a soothing melody, a testament to her contentment. Despite her senior status, Cali has plenty of love left to give. She’s looking for a forever home where she can share her love and loyalty. Adopting Cali means gaining a devoted companion who will fill your life with warmth and affection!


Diamond went missing from Indian Trail Rd, Penn Laird VA near Spotswood Trail. He is microchipped. Owner notes he is skittish and may bite.


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This dog was found on Orchard Drive and Bowmans Orchard Lane, Timberville, VA on 04/16/2024. It was found with no forms of identification.


This dog went missing on 04/11/24 from Crimora Mine Rd near Thorofare Rd in Crimora, Va. Wearing a flea collar. Very friendly and loves squeaky toys.


Are you looking to add a little sweetheart to your home? Mae loves to be outside in the sunshine or cuddling with you on a blanket. She loves walks, good on a leash, loves car rides. Loves to be near people. She potties outside but uses a pee pad when necessary. She loves kids and gets along with small dogs. Her foster says that she adapts easily to new environments.

Gray Gray

Gray Gray went missing from 1257 Country Club Ct, Harrisonburg VA near E Market St on 4/12/24. Owner notes he is reserved and skittish. He has a bob-tail.


Hello! I’m Moe and I’m a young pup searching for my forever family. My mom was a small dog and my dad was a large dog so I’ll likely be medium in size once I’m done growing. I love everyone I meet, people and other animals. Submit an adoption application if you’d like to meet me!


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This cat was found on Traveler Lane and Janie Lane, Rockingham, VA, 22801 on 04/13/2024. It was found with no forms of identification.


Meet Anisha, a sweet senior lady with a heart full of love. Her gentle purrs and mellow demeanor will make any day brighter. Curiosity is her middle name, and she loves exploring her surroundings. Anisha is a friend to all, always eager to share her affection with those around her. Her favorite pastime? Receiving head and chin pets, which she reciprocates with the softest cuddles. Despite her age, Anisha’s spirit is youthful, and her charm is timeless. She’s more than just a cat; she’s a companion, a friend, a source of comfort. Anisha is looking for a forever home where she can share her love and warmth. Adopt Anisha, and let her sweet, friendly nature fill your home with joy and happiness!


***This dog is not currently available for adoption*** Found stray on CC Turner Trail near Spar Mine Rd in Broadway, VA. This dog was found wearing a collar.