Mrs. Bates (Tsuki)

Are you a quiet person looking for a sweet, quiet companion? If so, you must make an appointment to meet Mrs. Bates. Her name may be a bit confusing. You see this pretty cat originally came to the shelter with a litter of kittens back in 2019. She was adopted and lived in a home for nearly two years until her owner had health problems and she was returned to the shelter. Because she has been through a lot of changes, Mrs. Bates needs a nice quiet space where she can settle into her new forever home. If you have patience to allow her to adjust, she will start to show her affectionate side. Loud noises and dogs are not her favorite thing, so she probably would not be a good fit in an active household with young children. If she sounds like the right companion, make an appointment to meet Mrs. Bates.


Dog was brought in by RCSO. Dog was found on Airport Rd. in Bridgewater, Va. on 04/21/2022. Dog has a known owner.


Oh what a fun young boy Toodles is! Toodles is an active young cat that lived in a home with young children. Since he is young too, all he wanted to do was play but he was a little too rough for the little children. Toodles would be happier in a home with older children that can understand his play style. He also lived with dogs and is said to be okay with them. Toodles may enjoy having another cat friend to play with. He may be a little nervous or shy at first, so plan to give Toodles a quiet space and a little time to adjust to his new home. Make an appointment to meet this sweet boy today.


Winston resides in a foster home. To meet him, fill out an adoption application and the foster coordinator will reach out to set up a meeting!

An absolute sweetheart of a boy, Winston is affectionate and playful. He loves to play with all kinds of toys! Winston is looking for a home where he’ll get daily walks and live inside as a close member of his family. Will you be his new favorite playtime pal?


Afton is a big boofhead – but a well-mannered, lovable one! He enjoys chilling out in a big backyard where he can take afternoon siestas. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this guy walking by your side.

Fred Weasley

Fred is quite a demanding fella when it comes to love. You see he wants you to pet him all the time. However, we find that Fred gets a little too excited at times and will be a bit grabby if he doesn’t get the attention he craves. Therefore, Fred would be better suited for a home with older children. Fred was neutered with a tipped ear when he came to the shelter so we don’t know much about his past. Stop by and see if Fred is the kind of lover you are looking for.


This here is Shepsky. A beautiful combination of both shepherd and husky. (guess how he got his name) Shepsky a bit of a scaredy cat so will need gentle owner and a calm home to help him feel comfortable. He is not yet used to being brushed and it’s because he’s sensitive to being handled on his sides and back end. An experienced dog owner who understands the needs of under socialized dogs will help him gain his confidence. Come meet this sweet boy today.


Yes. Okay, already. I’m a dog. I really am. I’m not a porcupine or a tribble or whatever you were about to guess. I’m Oscar, and you can verify my real, true, loyal, loving doggy heart and soul by visiting me at the shelter. So schedule an appointment today!


Chop is a sweet dog that did not have the best start in life. He has not spent much time indoors so it will take some time for him to get used to it. He’s outgoing, previously lived with a dog and did well around her and would do well with older children. Come by the shelter to meet him.


Sammy is a wild man! Not really, but he is easily excitable. Sammy likely didn’t have the chance to learn manners when he was younger and can at times be a handful. However, he is very eager to learn and fond of treats. Would do great in a home with someone willing to invest a little time in training and helping Sammy learn how to be a model citizen.