God of Mischief, anyone? Unlike his namesake, Loki is a good-natured four-year-old German Shepherd. He found his way to us due to housing issues for the previous owner, but he has been a calm and solemn presence here at the shelter! Loki is generally pretty quiet, and you can often find him napping away the afternoons. He is not a fan of loud noises, so he would do best in a more quiet and slow-paced home. Ready to meet this gentle giant? Fill out an adoption application and visit the shelter today!


Keller is a wonderful boy! He loves to play with his Husky foster brother, especially outside when the weather is cool. Keller LOVES bones and knows sit! He is a one eyed pup and can be clumsy at times but has adjusted very well to his new vision.


Meet Rocky – he’s no underdog! Rocky is a four-year-old pit mix who is largely independent and enjoys doing his own thing. He walks very well on a leash and would love to show off for you! Because he has a big personality, Rocky would do best in a home with older children who display a level of maturity and understanding. Rocky loves the outdoors and would make a great adventure buddy! Stop by the shelter to meet him today!


Grace doesn’t realize that a tall gal like her isn’t supposed to be a lap dog. This sweetheart loves to snuggle with you. She loves any kind of toy you’ll toss her way and she’ll even sit before you throw that tennis ball (which is her favorite). Grace gets the zoomies often and sometimes forgets to apply the brakes, so she may knock young children over by accident. This girl LOVES to play and she would love to have some new buddies to fulfill her need to play play play. When playtime is over, though, Grace is definitely ready for some “wannabe lap dog” snuggle time! She has lots of love to give! Fill out an adoption application to meet this lovely lady today!


Silo is a sweet younger girl looking for a loving home that can give her time to adjust to know that she is safe and loved. She came to us as an owner surrender with a litter of puppies. She is more-familiar with life outdoors so will likely need training to experience leashes and crates. She can sometimes be scared of new things at first, but once she’s comfortable, she is the biggest cuddle bug! Since arriving at the shelter she has become more acclimated to the environment and is more confident with new experiences. Come to the shelter to meet sweet Silo today!

Millie (Amillionaire)

Amillionaire, or Millie, is a large (71 pound) 3-year-old pitbull who came to us when her owner could no longer provide for her proper care. She was described by her owner as “a big baby who loves people of all ages including little ones.” She is a very active dog who likes to have a job/purpose – she loves spring/Flirt poles and loves to run! She is a bit nervous in new situations so will need time and space to meet new people. Millie is housebroken, was well-behaved out of a crate when her owners were not home, and LOVES treats. Because she is treat-motivated, she is a great candidate for future training! Millie has not been around cats, but might live successfully with another dog after a meet-and-greet for any potential dog sibling. Millie’s ideal adopter is someone who will give her endless love, care, and time to adjust to a new home. Is your home what she dreams of each night? Come fall in love with Millie today!

Note: the “abnormal diagnosis” marking for Millie indicates that she had a benign mammary mass removed while in our care. This mass may recur and any further veterinary care or expenses related to this condition are the responsibility of the adopter.


Ruger is an 87-pound, adult (7 years old) Plott Hound that was brought to us when his owner could no longer afford to care for him. Ruger is a loving and laid-back gentleman. He was an outside farm dog all of his life but is now looking for his perfect retirement home where he can lounge around on a couch watching the History Channel.

Ruger has gotten along with a dog before, but due to his tendency to guard food from other dogs, we recommend he be the only pet. If you are interested in Ruger, come visit him today!


Vegas is a large (68 lbs) adult (3-year old) Plott Hound/Coonhound mix that was brought to us when his owners were not able to continue caring for him.

Vegas is a fun dog with lots of quirks and personality. He enjoys playing with toys and will keep himself occupied. He was adopted but returned due to persistently barking at the adopter’s goats behind their fence, so he might do better in a home without livestock.

He’s best suited for a home with adults or children that show a level of maturity with dogs. He has been dog tested and done well in playgroup settings. He loves exploring and would make a great companion.


Zorrino is a very smart, active dog who loves to play hard and cuddle harder. He loves interacting and playing with his people, but he also knows how to keep himself occupied and he will entertain himself. He’s a rough and tumble kind of guy – loves running around, hiking, wrestling with other dogs and working on new tricks. He’s looking for an active family who loves adventure, long runs or walks, an space for him to get his zoomies out!
Zorrino is very toy motivated and has been learning lots of tricks with tennis balls or soft toys as a reward. He does need a more experienced home, ideally one without young children due to Zorrino not knowing how big he is and thinking everyone can handle his body slams! Zorrino is looking for his forever home to share all his love and craziness with and we know he’ll be a great addition to the right family! Come by the shelter today to meet Zorrino!