Don’t Buy into Animal Cruelty – Adopt Don’t Shop.

Pam Miller knew better than to purchase a puppy from a pet store. She knew that pet stores very often get the puppies from puppy mills and there was no way she was going to support such a thing. This is why when she was ready to add another dog to her family, she chose to adopt Arlo, a then six month old puppy who was rescued from a puppy mill in West Virginia. What Pam didn’t realize was the extent of the psychological trauma that dogs from puppy mills carry.

Microchips help lost pets get home

After a year of being lost, Kona was returned to the RHSPCA. Her story serves as a reminder of why it is so important to microchip your pets.

Presidential Pets

President’s Day is a national holiday created to honor those who served as leaders of the state, yet one question still remains… What about their pets?