Tiny went missing from the Walmart on Richmond Ave, Staunton VA on 10/16/23.


Gigi is the sweetest cat. She has adjusted immediately to apartment living out of the shelter and is so happy. She is a super curious girl always watching out the window or us in the kitchen. She is so friendly and has already claimed her place on the bed. Her favorite thing to do right now is hide in the tunnel and jump attack her feather toy. However, she still needs her beauty rest where she relaxes on her own and will come out when she is ready for some more love.

Devilled Egg

Meet Devilled Egg, a cat who is the life of the party at our shelter. Her antics are the talk of the town, and her energy knows no bounds. Devilled Egg is the epitome of fun and playfulness. She is always up for a game of chase, her goofy antics often leaving the staff in fits of laughter. She is a bundle of joy who is always ready to play, always ready to bring a smile to your face. Adopting Devilled Egg would mean opening your home to a constant source of laughter, joy, and boundless energy. She is waiting to fill your life with her unique brand of fun and frolic.


This girl had a rough start to life but she is strong willed and thriving! She is such a snuggler and loves to be around me humans most of the time. She snuggles on the bed at night and plays with whatever she can get her paws on! Gets along with other cats and dogs too!

#3 Tim’s Tortie


Runion 26


Wilbarger 10


CC Weaver 1