Found Dog

A Bassett Hound type dog was found on 12.06.22 about 6 miles west of Broadway on Runions Creek Road in Rockingham County VA. It is a male, described as black & tan and wearing a collar with a chain attached. The finder is unable to provide a photo at this time. If this is your dog, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the finder.


Mindy went missing from Back Road, Woodstock VA on 11/20/22. She went missing wearing a collar and is microchipped. She may be skittish when approached, but is friendly.

Milo *DO NOT DELETE – DUPE. OF #2248*

Dog was brought in by ACO. Dog was found on Central Ave and South St. in Harrisonburg, Va. on 9/10/22. Dog was found wearing a collar.


Zorrino is a very smart, active dog who loves to play hard and cuddle harder. He loves interacting and playing with his people, but he also knows how to keep himself occupied and he will entertain himself. He’s a rough and tumble kind of guy – loves running around, hiking, wrestling with other dogs and working on new tricks. He’s looking for an active family who loves adventure, long runs or walks, an space for him to get his zoomies out!
Zorrino is very toy motivated and has been learning lots of tricks with tennis balls or soft toys as a reward. He does need a more experienced home, ideally one without young children due to Zorrino not knowing how big he is and thinking everyone can handle his body slams! Zorrino is looking for his forever home to share all his love and craziness with and we know he’ll be a great addition to the right family! Come by the shelter today to meet Zorrino!