How can you resist that face? Oakley is a sweet wallflower looking for his forever home. Oakley loves to be close to you and would easily become a devoted companion. Friendly and affectionate, he needs a person who will take the time to help him grow his confidence. Oakley is a sweet guy who is just looking for a guardian angel. If you’re willing to give this guy a chance, he will climb into your lap and ask for lots of pets. Schedule an appointment to visit the shelter and meet Oakley to see just how amazing this dog truly is.


Stop by today to meet Orlok! He is a sweet and spunky fellow that will love to spend his days walking and cuddling with his new best friend. He is a nice balance of lively energy and being a relaxed observer.


Hi! I’m Keba! I’m a four-month-old guy, formerly down on his luck, currently hanging with the local SPCA here in Harrisonburg, Virginia waiting for my soul mate to march in that door. You know us heelers are super-smart – some say smarter than a 7-year-old human! – and my person will get all the benefit of my brainpower, and more importantly, the super-heart that goes with it! Ready for some high-IQ love? Click me, or share me with your friends! It’s the SMART thing to do!


Buddy has been in the shelter a few times. He originally came in as a stray back in 2021, but was eventually reclaimed. He then was found as a stray again in September of 2022, but the family chose to surrender Buddy due to changes in the family and not being able to provide him the attention he needed. Buddy had lived with his past family for the last 5 years. In the start, he was a well trained, well behaved, indoor dog. He lived with two children and had gotten along with them for the most part. The only incident Buddy had was with their 5 year old daughter who was jumping on Buddy to the point when he snapped and bit her. The owners said that due to her learning disabilities, she didn’t know how to properly interact with Buddy. Buddy was housebroken, not destructive and loved to just lounge around or play his favorite game, TUG OF WAR!! He had interacted with dogs of all sizes but did better with larger dogs who would engage in play with him. Buddy’s life changed when there was a change in the family that had nothing to do with Buddy. He, most recently, was an outdoor dog who had very little interactions with his family. He lived under a trailer and his interaction with people only came when they would give him food and water. Buddy’s family wants him to find a loving home that can give him all the attention and love he desires and so do we! Buddy is a loving and laid back guy who would make an awesome addition to any family or home. If you are interested in meeting this big ball of love, stop by the shelter today!