Chief resides in a foster home. To meet him submit an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up an appointment.

Chief is small but he is mighty- when it’s not being a couch potato. He loves to lay down and relax, whether on a couch or a nice patch of fresh grass, or in cuddles with his humans. He doesn’t pay too much mind to cats in the house, or any outdoor animal (more cats, birds, ducks). Even though he loves a good long nap, he loves to do whatever his human is doing; helping cook and waiting for a little piece for himself, going on a jog or hike, guarding your garden when it’s watering time, riding in the car. Responds well to “down when he is too excited, for leash time, and when he tries to lure you with his huge puppy eyes, and forever pout, for a piece of your meal. Has velvety paws as you will see when he sits (his hind legs slip and keep slipping!) Responds to Cheese, Cheesecake, Sheetz, just about anything that sounds like his name to your best