The only thing this Pirate is out to steal is your heart (and maybe a few treats here and there). Pirate is a handsome young dog with a heart of gold. He can be a little shy at first, but cant get enough of you once he warms up to you quickly! When he’s not being a couch potato, he loves to be outside on an adventure or going on car rides! Pirate has lived with children before and done well, as well as a smaller dog, who he also got along with! He also coexisted with cats, but would chase them sometimes. He does have a prey drive towards squirrels and rabbits. If you’re interested in meeting Pirate, come to the shelter today!


Meet Coco! This girl may come off as shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! Coco loves to love! Coco is looking for someone to show her that the world isn’t as scary as she makes it out to be. She warms up quickly to new people and shows her goofy, energetic personality. She’s done well around children, but due to her being a bit nervouse, she would do best in a home with older children or children who display a lever of understanding or knowledge on how to respectfully interact with dogs. She said to be crate trained, housebroken and has done well interacting with dogs. She loves car rides, playing with toys or with her people and being a part of anything you do, even if its just staring at you. If you’re interested in meeting Coco, come to the shelter today!


Hi, I’m Drake! I’m a ball of energy and love to play. Fetch is my favorite game, but I also enjoy a good game of tug-o-war. My goofy antics will keep you laughing and my cuddly side will melt your heart. I’m friendly with every human I meet and love making new friends. I’m always up for a good belly rub or a long walk in the park. I’m a great listener too, always there to lend an ear when you need someone to talk to. Adopt me and you’ll gain a loyal friend who’ll bring joy and laughter into your life.


Sadie is an easy going and loving dog. She is house trained and is able to be left alone in the house with no issues. She is good with small children and other dogs. Sadie will be a wonderful addition to your family.


Hello, my name is Princess! I am looking for a new castle to take charge of with my #girl-boss attitude. I love to go for jogs through the forests and spend time with my people. I am looking for a kingdom with no little children as they make me nervous. I enjoy playing with other dogs and learning new tricks. Visit the RHSPCA today if you think we would be a magical pairing!


Meet Flint! He is looking for a very particular type of home to help him excel. He is an active boy and would love a house with a yard to play in. Flint can be nervous around new people so would not be a good apartment or condo dog. And as such he would do best in a home with older kids (13 years or older if kids are present). However, he is learning how to trust people with the help of the staff and volunteers at the shelter and has already come a long way. Flint can be a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes (he is literally scared of cats) so if you have dog-savvy cats in your home he would need a very slow introduction but would likely be okay with them. As for his dog friends, he prefers dogs his size (about 40lbs or larger). Prior dog owning experience is a must, and those with GSD breed experience and/or training experience would be well equipped to handle a dog like Flint. He is treat motivated and already knows a few tricks such as “sit” and “down”. If you think Flint would be a good fit for you, please submit an application!


Hi I am Snowball! I am a very lovable and cuddly dog once I am comfy with ya! I will follow my people around and cuddle next to them when they slow down long enough. I am good with other dogs but can be a bit timid at times. I bark when I don’t know someone but if you introduce me I am good. I like to go outside and play and I walk on a leash well though I will stay right beside you. I am house trained, and love treats and laying in the bed.
They say I am a pit/lab mix and am about 4 years old. You can see I am pure white with lots of freckles.


Denzel is a sweet and curious boy, on the search for love and a couch to sleep on. This guy will melt your heart with just one look! Weather it be being your personal shadow or the clean up crew for any food spillage, Denzel wants to be there for it all. He loves to run around and go for walks outside, but his favorite thing to do is being lazy with you! Come to the shelter today to meet this sweet boy!


Meet Maple! She’s ready to be adopted into a loving, forever home. Maple loves her people, but she especially loves her couch. Some of her hobbies include watching TV, snuggling on the couch, and army-crawling anywhere and everywhere. She’s working on gaining confidence to go on neighborhood walks, but she loves running around in the backyard. She’s crate-trained and sleeps through the night in her crate with no problems. Maple is a little skeptical of new things, but she’s gained a lot of confidence quickly and we know that with some love and patience she’ll be a great addition to someone’s family!


Hi, I’m Steve! I’m young, sweet, and full of life. I’m known around here for my friendly demeanor and gentle spirit. I love to cuddle and give affection, but I also enjoy a good game of fetch. Loyalty is my middle name. I promise to be your best friend, your confidant, and your loyal companion. I’m not just a pet, I’m a family member. I’m eager to find my forever home where I can share all my love and joy. If you’re looking for a friend who will be by your side through thick and thin, I’m your guy! I am positive for some tick bourne illnesses. Visit the shelter to learn more.