Ragnor is a big ole fluffernutter. He can be shy at first, but give him time to warm up to you and he’ll be glad to show you his zoomies. He loves to have his butt scratched and adores it when you scratch behind his big, floppy ears. He’s a gentle boy when it comes to taking treats. Ragnor may look intimidating, but he’s nothing but a big baby. He’ll lean into you and may knock you over asking for lots of pets and cuddles. Ragnor has plenty of interest in yummy snacks, but he’s not sure how to play with toys. He’s looking for someone who can help him learn how to be a well-mannered pup. Come on down to check out this poofy cloud today!


Cassie is a care-free little lady and loves to go exploring. This girl sure loves her food and snacks, so watch your fingers. Cassie will munch on anything you’re willing to give her. Her droopy ears and dainty toes are sure to catch anyone’s attention. Come on by to check out those adorable speckles on her nose for yourself!


Rosie is a gentle, older soul. She’d rather take her time to enjoy the sights and smell the roses instead of chasing the squirrels off in the distance. Rosie enjoys her butt rubs and ear scratches. She has a secret that may intrigue you, her ears are super soft and she’ll give you those puppy dog eyes to ask for more scritches! Come on down to check out those sensitive radar pillows for yourself.


Cosmo is a fun loving pup that is always down to play! He loves going on walks and is the perfect adventure buddy. You can see Cosmo featured on the Harrisonburg Fire Department’s Facebook page for fire prevention week. If you are interested in Cosmo or any other animal at the RHSPCA schedule an appointment to come and meet them.


Hobbes is an independent older lad. He will trot off to go do his own thing for a bit, but he is more than happy to come up to you for those scratches he can’t resist. His age is not slowing him down at all and he’s ready to go exploring with his new pals. Hobbes is eager to smell all the neat things that await him outside. Swing on by to check out this handsome ole guy today!