Are We At Capacity?

Dear Friends,

You may have already seen on our Facebook page and our website that we are over capacity.  You’ll hear on the news this week that the shelter is overcrowded.  And it’s true. Our facility has a total of 81 kennels for dogs and 92 kennels for cats.  We currently have 377 dogs and cats in our care. The number of animals in our care far exceeds our physical capacity to house them. Even with the addition of cat condos in the conference room and dog crates in the offices.

Of course not all 377 animals are here in the building.  Nearly 200 of them are in foster homes and new ones are finding placement in their adoptive homes daily.  Unfortunately, the influx of animals into the shelter far exceeds the numbers leaving. Over the last eleven days we have averaged 8 adoptions a day and a staggering 18 new intakes a day.

We need the public’s support in addressing the influx of animals.  If at all possible, we need good Samaritans who find stray animals to provide temporary housing and we need owners needing to surrender to keep their pets just a little bit longer.  We need cooperation so we can continue to create the best possible outcome for each animal that comes into our care.

I would like you to know that we may be ‘over capacity’ but we are not over our capacity for care.  There is a distinction. Every animal, whether in the direct care of the shelter staff or that of a foster caregiver, is receiving nutritious food, fresh water, exercise and mental stimulation.  Their medical needs are being met and they are loved.

We hope to slow the influx of animals by partnering with good Samaritans and pet owners to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the animals and their humans in our community.


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Huck Nawaz
Executive Director


Thank you! Due to the quick response from members of our community, we had 206 adoptions during the month of July! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each of our adopters AND to the Bissell Pet Foundation [link site] for hosting the adoption event. 

Our reunification efforts for strays and lost pets are continuing through Lost and Found pet reporting. We’re continuing to provide lifesaving care to the animals in need as a result of our community’s support. 

Similarly, during the month of August 1-31, 2022 we are participating in a second adoption event called ‘Clear the Shelters’ which will reduce adoption fees to $25 for cats and $50 for dogs. Come by the shelter and visit all of the loving pets who are waiting to be taken home. No appointment necessary. 

To view a list of animals available for adoption, visit