Jasper is a little boy who had a rough beginning. He had a cold and because he couldn’t smell he didn’t eat. He was syringe fed for 5 days by his foster, when he was little, so he became a very loving kitten. He loves his people! He is very playful and curious. When it is time to nap you will find him curled up next to you. Best kitten ever. He loves his brother Onyx and the resident dog and cat


Do you need someone to keep you warm during these long, cold winter nights? DJ is here to the rescue with his velvety soft fur and warm cuddles. He hasn’t been at the shelter long and is a bit shy at first, but this guy is sure to win you over. Come by today and check him out!


Marley had a rough start but has turned into the most loving kitten. She loves carrying around and playing with toy mice and nerf bullets. She loves to sleep with her fosters at night. She is comfortable with other cats but is not too fond of dogs. She seems to tolerate them, but they do not appear to be best friends. She will be a sweet companion for sure.


Harleyquin is a black and white kitten, almost a year old. He is shy at first but his foster mom says that when he comes to trust you he is loving and craves attention. He is loyal to his people, once his trust his earned.


Hi I’m Bluebird , Blue for short! I am 10 months old and have lots of energy. I’m shy at first but after we get to know each other I am your bestie. I love toys, especially my ball tower, scratches, places to hide, and explore (when it’s quiet). I need a family who is patient and willing to help me grow into myself.

Bluebird gets along well with other cats and could benefit from being in a home with other felines, although it is not a necessity. This little lady is all dressed up in her grey tux and ready to be scooped up by the perfect family. Stop by today and check her out!


Onyx is a shorthair 3-month-old black kitten. He is one of my favorites in that he loves to purr and give me kisses. He is very handsome and sweet. He seeks out his humans and comes when he is called. Onyx is litter box trained and gets along with resident dog and cat and will stand his ground with our foster puppy. He would make a wonderful pet for any family.


This is Hermione! Hermione is 3 years old and such a sweetheart. She is extremely affectionate and will cuddle up with anyone who lets her. Hermione loves people watching through the window and chasing after her toys!

Powdered Donut

Meet Powdered Donut, or “PD or Donut” for short! She is very loving and quick to get to know you and become your best friend. She really enjoys petting and getting her ears scratched. She’s playful and loves mice and track toys, toys that jingle, exploring her domain and soft blankets to snuggle into. PD would probably love a home where she is the only cat.

Powdered Donut and foster’s 3 favorite things about her
1. Donut sleeps on your pillow at the top of your head every night and will occasionally try to “groom” you by licking your hair
2. Donut doesn’t really meow, she murps and chirps! She loves to talk, but she does it in her little chirps. She also purrs extremely loud for such a little cat!
3. Donut loves to sleep under blankets. When I get home from classes or work and she doesn’t greet me or I can’t find her, I just have to look for a lump under a fuzzy blanket and Donut will be there sleeping like a shrimp!


Stumpy is a very mellow cat. His foster says that her Christmas tree is still standing! He likes to sit in the window an watch the world go by. And he loves to be rubbed behind the ears. He is definitely a love bug and would be a great companion for someone looking for a lap cat!