Bread is a sweet guinea pig who gets excited whenever you come to give him water, food, or simply say hello! He loves his hay but loves even more sliced cucumber (spinach leaves in moderation and dried strawberry treats in moderation too!!!). He chitters and does zoomies and is looking for his forever home! He has one particular spot where he goes to the bathroom, so he is easy to clean up after. Also, he loves playing with water!


Hi there, I’m Kobe! I’m just an adorable puppy looking for a place to call home. My perfect home would have lots and lots of toys!! I sure do love playing any chance I get- ropes, squeaker toys, you name it. I also love people! I’m a really friendly guy, everyone is my best friend. I love going on walks, and greeting everyone with my perfect pittie smile. Other than walks, my favorite times of day is anytime I get to be with my people, anywhere they are.

I’m working on being the bestest boy I can be in the home. At my fosters’ house, I’ve learned how to be in a crate, have good manners when I greet people (I sometimes can be a little rowdy but I’m working on it!!), and even some commands. I will do anything for some cheese or head scratches. My adopter should help me continue to learn new things, but don’t worry, I’m a fast learner! In closing, I am so excited to meet my new family- I just know you are out there somewhere! Fill out an application so we can become new best friends!


Hi! Hello! Can I be your friend please? I’m Misty and I want to be with you, not underfoot, but in the same room. Then i can give you kisses to your hearts content. I sleep all night quietly in my own room. I don’t make a peep until the people get up. I got the hang of house training in my foster home! I play with all the dogs here on the foster farm. I ignore the kittens, the cats, the horses, and the goats. I like dog cookies as treats. The floor fan feels good to me too. I know how to be polite on the leash, of course. Can we be fur-ever friends?


Otto is a happy pup who absolutely loves everyone. He does not meet a stranger. He is great with his foster brother. He does not have any food aggression. He loves to play and fetch balls. He will let you know when his water bowl is empty by bringing it to you to fill up. He sleeps through the night. He is not a huge fan of crates but rides in one in the car and he doesn’t make a sound. He does well walking on a leash. He has also been around cats. He dies like to chase them but it’s getting used to sharing the house with them! Otto would be a great addition to any family!


Looking for a new family member?? Then look no further, I’m sweetie and I am the sweetest little girl you will ever meet, my smile lights up the room. I am full of love and want nothing more than a family to spend time with. I LOVE other dogs and would do best in a home with other animals (big and small). I’m a little nervous at first but after a day once I’m more comfortable I’ll be laying on your lap. I’m very smart and learning new things everyday. With patience and love I will be the perfect addition to your family

E. I. (Ebony & Ivory)

Hello, I’m E.I., a senior lady with a heart full of love. I’m a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you, I become the cuddliest companion you could wish for. My days are mellow, just like me, and I cherish every sweet, peaceful moment. I share a special bond with my daughter, Boots. We’ve been through a lot together and we comfort each other. We’re good with other cats and we appreciate the company of older kids who understand our need for gentle handling. Adopting me, E.I., means you’re not just getting a pet, you’re welcoming a loving, serene soul into your family. And remember, love doesn’t age, it only grows stronger. So, why not let me fill your home with the soft purr of contentment?

Boots and E.I. are two cute old ladies! They love spending quality time cuddling up together. Boots loves to explore but does not like her exploration time to be interrupted you have to let her do her thing. E.I. is more reserved and loves her snacks! She is always nibbling on her dry food.


Hi! I’m Boots! A laid-back cat that’s a bit of a mama’s girl. My mom, E.I, and me have been together through thick and thin so we do a good job of comforting one another. I might not be quite as brave as my mom, but as long as I’m handled gently, I love to cuddle and play. I’m open to having new feline siblings, and I even get along with some of the smaller humans if they can be gentle and considerate. So why not adopt us? We’ve got double the love to give with half the fuss! All we need is a forever home and loving family.

Boots and E.I. are two cute old ladies! They love spending quality time cuddling up together. Boots loves to explore but does not like her exploration time to be interrupted you have to let her do her thing. E.I. is more reserved and loves her snacks! She is always nibbling on her dry food.


Hello, I’m Perogie! I have a lot of love to give. I’m cuddly, always ready for a snuggle session on the couch. I’m friendly too, I’ll be your best friend in no time. I’m also independent, content to explore my surroundings or enjoy some alone time. I’m gentle, I’ll treat you and your home with respect. I have done great visiting dog friendly coffee shops around town with my foster mom. And let’s not forget – I am goofy! I’ll keep you laughing with my antics. Why should you adopt me? Because I’m a bundle of joy and companionship, ready to bring laughter and love into your life!


Hello, I’m Roo. I’m a young cat with a heart full of love. My days are filled with purrs and soft nuzzles. I’m sweet, friendly, and mellow. I love to cuddle and my favorite thing in the world is to feel the warmth of someone who cares for me. I’m gentle, never raising a paw in anger. I’m a good listener too, always ready to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. I’m just a cuddly little bundle of joy waiting for my forever home. Adopting me means a lifetime of love, companionship, and endless purrs. Let’s make beautiful memories together.


Sadie is an easy going and loving dog. She is house trained and is able to be left alone in the house with no issues. She is good with small children and other dogs. Sadie will be a wonderful addition to your family.