Oliver is a quiet but very affectionate guy! He enjoys meeting you at the door and loves giving head bumps and kisses. He really enjoys toys and will keep himself entertained quite happily. Oliver’s favorite thing is to curl up next to you at night and keep you company. He came to the shelter with another cat who has already been adopted, and doesn’t mind the other cats in his foster home. Oliver would make a great addition to your family!

Mini Me

Mini-Me is a sweet 11 year old lady. She is a great communicator and will let you know when she is feeling anxious or has a question about what it is that you are doing. She absolutely LOVES being pet, and will ask that you use both hands, please and thank you! (If she realizes that you’re only using one, she will head bump the other until both are actively engaged in the petting!). She also likes to give little nose kisses and curl up on a warm lap. When feeling shy or uncertain, she loves the cloth cube that allows her to observe until she decides it’s okay to come out and explore.


Scooter is a handsome 6.5 Year old gentleman with a refined taste and a fondness for close companions. He came from a quiet home as an only cat to an older couple, and likes to take life a little slower, though don’t let that fool you. His favorite hobbies include chasing after a laser, and looking out of windows. He will also talk to you for as long as you want with his exceptionally chatty personality, and loves a nice rub on the head. He has done well with the cats in his foster home, and really wants to make friends with them.

He would do well in a quiet home without small children, and would thrive as either an only cat, or with another cat who has a similarly calm personality. He will need time to adjust, with a quiet separate space, but comes out of his shell very eagerly when he is ready. Scooter is also very forward with his opinions and will let you know with a gentle nibble or a cautionary noise if you are crossing any boundaries.

Scooter is ready for a forever home, and truly deserves someone who will treat him with the respect and love that he deserves.


When Ryder came into our care he was so terrified of people that we could not touch him. It is clear to us that he had never previously lived in a home before, or ever been shown love. Since being in his foster home, he has slowly begun to come out of his shell. He is very good friends with the resident dog in his foster home, and loves to play outside in the fenced yard with her. He is still fearful indoors and enjoys the security of his crate, and his fluffy bed. He prefers to be in the same room and within eyesight of his people, but isn’t comfortable approaching for attention yet. Ryder needs a calm, quiet, forever home with humans who are willing to give him the time that he needs to acclimate to indoor dog life. If you ask us, he is TOTALLY worth it. Have you seen the guy? A total cutie!


Meet Luke! Luke is a 4 year old, Coonhound. He was surrendered by his owner due to him not having the skills to be a hunting dog, Luke is looking for a new job now, he wants to be the best couch potato he can be! Luke is a friendly, goofy guy that loves going on walks and spending time hanging out. Does Luke sound like the perfect dog to you? Fill out an adoption application and come meet him today!


Spot is a very sweet, friendly, alert, attentive, quiet, and eager to please. For having spent his first four years in an outdoor pen, he’s adjusted great to indoor life at his foster home. He loves sleeping on the couch, playing with his foster sister, and sitting for treats. He’s well house broken so long as he’s given plenty of opportunities to go outside and is getting the hang of leash walking. He’ll be a wonderful friend to some lucky family!


Meet Moo! Moo is a very sweet boy, who purrs every single time you pet him. He can be a bit shy at first but once he warms up he is a generally calm cat, who like to play with toys. He gets along very well with other cats and warms up to dogs after about a week! Moo has also been around babies and toddlers and does well. He would make the perfect addition to a home ready to love a cat!


Meet Holly, she’s a bit of a shy girl, but loves people. She enjoys pets and getting attention. And playing with her brother Jolly is her next favorite thing. Holly would most prefer a quiet home we think. Come meet this girl today!


Buddy is a 100 pound, 2 year old Shepherd, Anatolian mix. Buddy has done well with dogs of similar size and temperament, but would not be well suited for a home with small animals. Buddy is a timid guy at first but quickly shakes off and shows you his goofy and loving side! Buddy enjoys going on walks and staying close to the people he’s most comfortable with, He’s quite the gentlemen on a leash and isn’t in a rush to get anywhere. Are you looking for a gentle giant to take a nice slow stroll with in the park? Then come meet Buddy today!


Meet sweet sweet Indigo! With patience, love, and lots of treats, Indigo continues to blossom into the happy cat she was always meant to be. She loves to cuddle up in a cozy quiet spaces, but one this girl sees a feathered toy she’s on the go! She loves to be by the window and observe the outdoors, as long as she gets some pets along with it!