This is adorable Autumn! She is a fiery, silly, playful kitty who just wants to be loved! She loves to chase her sisters around and loves toys that make noise! She will snuggle up with you and play with you! She also loves to chaise her sisters around! Watch your step when you get out of the shower because she will hang out in the shower after you’re finished!


Putzy is a sweet and gentle boy. He is brothers with Tito and they are a bonded pair. Putzy loves sitting on laps and he is a very affectionate boy. He will greet you when you enter the room. He has lived with other cats and small breed dogs without issue.


Tito is a big boy. He is brothers with Putzy and they love each other very much. They are a bonded pair. Tito is shy at first but once he is comfortable, he is affectionate and loving towards his people. He has gotten along well with older kids, cats, and small breed dogs.


Lily is a gentle cat who loves being pet. Lily is playful, affectionate and loyal. She has lived with other cats and small breed dogs without issue.


Hi, my name is Duchess. My foster mom says I’m the best cat. I’m super sweet and love everyone. I get along with other cats, dogs and kids of all ages. I raised 5 beautiful babies, who have all found their forever families. Now, I’m looking for my own family to love and who will love me.


Hi I’m Hendrix. I am a lab mix pup who loves to be cuddled. I am about 5 months old and my sister is my best friend. She gives me confidence to be a great pup! Without her I’m a little intimidated by my surroundings and would do great with a quiet home. I love my belly rubbed and will be your best friend. I love to be outside and am working on crate/house training. I would make a great emotional support pet because of my calm demeanor. Let’s make Christmas a great one by bringing me home.

Maple Leaf

This little boy is not only very cute but playful, full of energy, he loves to chase some of the BIG cats trying to get them to play with him. He loves feathers, laser lights and any toy that he can sent flying across the room.

Little Girl

Little girl is SO sweet! She is shy at first with new people, but loves her people once she is comfortable. She is a loving pup who would be a great addition to a family. Little girl has come out of her shell into a spunky, smart, sweet girl.
She’s done great with house and crate training.
She loves other dogs takes her a little bit to get warmed up to other people, especially males.
She loves her toys loves being outside. She sleeps with her foster every night all through the night.
She is just a love bug always waging her tail in excitement to see her people.
She’s going to make someone a great dog.
She’s really smart and just wants to be with you and please you.


This ball of sweetness is Mia. She’s a 2-year-old, 60lb lap dog. Mia absolutely loves people and is happiest snuggled up in your lap. She also really loves playing with other dogs and is great at sharing everything from toys to treats. Mia is fully housetrained and is content laying on the couch looking out the window when no one is home. She knows a few basic commands and will happily perform for treats.