Are you ready to add a social butterfly to your family? Shasta is a one-year-old Shepherd/Retriever mix who is energetic and outgoing. She enjoys being outside where she can explore and tire herself out! Her ideal home would provide an outlet for her excitability and curiosity. She’s still working on her leash manners, and sometimes she gets so happy to meet people that she can’t help but jump up to greet them! Shasta is very smart and picks up on training and tricks quickly, especially if there are treats involved. If you need an exercise buddy who can run hard and nap hard, Shasta just might be the match for you. Visit the shelter and meet her today!


Faith is a bashful young coonhound who is waiting patiently for a family to provide her a home where she can come out of her shell. She is a good-natured pup with a lot of love to give, and with time and patience she will blossom. Faith gets along with some dogs but can be a bit nervous at first. With socialization and trust, Faith is sure to gain confidence and let out her playful personality. Visit Faith at the shelter today and see if her calm energy is a match for you!


Alpha went missing from Grindstone Rd, Bridgewater, VA, 22812 on 10/13/2022. She went missing with another female shepherd named Bonie. The owner notes she was last seen with no forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.).


Rocky was surrendered to us due to the previous owner having a change in housing and work and not having the time to properly take care of him. Rocky had been with his previous owner since he was 3 months old. The owner noted that Rocky is very energetic but he tires quickly. He’s good with anyone he meets and has lived with two children and is said to do well with both. He does better with older children due to his size and not realizing how large he is. Come by the shelter to meet Rocky today!

Daizia Lynn

Meet Daizia Lynn! She’s a 2-year-old, 57-pound Pitbull. Daizia Lynn came into the shelter in August when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Some of Daizia Lynn’s favorite things include walking our hiking trail, getting lots of cuddles, and playing with stuffy toys! She loves to soak up ALL of the attention and tends to get a little jealous at times so she would do best in a single pet home and a home with older children. Daizia Lynn is a little shy when first meeting new people but her personality blossoms in no time! Fill out an adoption application and meet her today!


Jake is a senior (8 year old), large (72 pound) lab/hound mix who came into our care as an owner surrender. Jake is a loyal fellow who protects his people and so can be wary around strangers and new environments. He likes to be the center of attention and would do best in a home without other pets and with older children who understand his need for space. Jake knows how to sit, stay, and roll over and is a sucker for treats! Want to see and learn more about Jake? Come to the shelter today!


Boone is a 4-year-old German Shepherd surrendered to us due to not getting along with the children in the home. He will do best in an adult-only home or with older children who display a level of maturity with dogs. Boone is a sweet, handsome and silly man who loves hard with his chosen people. He can be wary of strangers at first but will open up quickly – then require you give him attention! Boone has gotten along well with multiple dogs in our care and also lived successfully with another dog and cat in his previous home! Boone is housebroken and is said to scratch at the door when he needs to be let out. His previous owners said he was not destructive with materials in the house. He is crate trained and sees his crate as his “safe place”. Boone has some stiffness in his hips which is typical for the breed. He knows how to sit, will sit when told “no” and wait to be told “ok”, “down”, and “easy” when taking treats! He also knows “shake”! He’s a smart, smart man so we’re sure that he could pick up on more tricks easily. Boone loves to play in our play yards and gets the zoomies but will also request all the pets he can get and even will nuzzle your hand if you stop too soon. Come to the shelter today to meet Boone!

Millie (Amillionaire)

Amillionaire, or Millie, is a large (71 pound) 3-year-old pitbull who came to us when her owner could no longer provide for her proper care. She was described by her owner as “a big baby who loves people of all ages including little ones.” She is a very active dog who likes to have a job/purpose – she loves spring/Flirt poles and loves to run! She is a bit nervous in new situations so will need time and space to meet new people. Millie is housebroken, was well-behaved out of a crate when her owners were not home, and LOVES treats. Because she is treat-motivated, she is a great candidate for future training! Millie has not been around cats, but might live successfully with another dog after a meet-and-greet for any potential dog sibling. Millie’s ideal adopter is someone who will give her endless love, care, and time to adjust to a new home. Is your home what she dreams of each night? Come fall in love with Millie today!

Note: the “abnormal diagnosis” marking for Millie indicates that she had a benign mammary mass removed while in our care. This mass may recur and any further veterinary care or expenses related to this condition are the responsibility of the adopter.