Safely Surrender Your Pet to Our Animal Shelter

We Strive To Find A Safe & Healthy Home For Every Pet.

Your local animal shelter, the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA, provides compassionate, non-judgmental surrender and rehoming processes for community members who are no longer able to care for their animals. We know that it’s difficult to give up a pet, but we also know that sometimes it’s necessary. We allow Harrisonburg and Rockingham County residents to surrender their pet to our shelter where we will do everything in our power to partner them with a stable, loving family.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you surrender your pet, we ask that you first review these questions and our suggestions:

  • Is there a way to resolve the situation without surrendering your pet?

    Our goal is to keep pets with their families. Does your pet have a behavioral or medical issue that can be treated or improved? Read about our pet training partners, or find a spay & neuter clinic that may be able to help. You’re welcome to contact us if you have specific questions or needs. We also understand if there are circumstances that are out of your control.

  • Have you tried rehoming your pet with friends or family?

    Ask those close to you to help spread the word among their social circles to find a new owner that you trust to care for your pet. This way, you could have the possibility of staying in contact with the pet and getting updates on them.

  • Are you using online rehoming resources?

    Try a few that are specifically made for rehoming pets, like our effective RHSPCA Rehoming Program. Additionally, there’s Paws Like Me and Adopt-A-Pet that we recommend looking into.

  • Do you live in the city of Harrisonburg or Rockingham County?

    If none of the above options are feasible, or aren’t the right fit for you, then we encourage you to bring your pet to the RHSPCA to begin our compassionate surrender process. Please note that we can only take in animals from the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. If you don’t reside in these areas, please check with your local animal shelter for their intake policies.