Shaun resides in a foster home. To meet him, fill out an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up an appointment!

Shaun is a sweet, lovable boy who will always provide you with his attention. He loves to chew on his bones, almost as much as he loves to snuggle and beg for pets. He is very laid back and likes to chill rather than run around, but will happily take a walk with you. He is the definition of a lap dog and a sleepy good boy.


Barb resides in a foster home. To meet her, submit an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up a meeting.

She is the sweetest little cuddle bug and is an absolute wanna-be lap cat. She can be a little vocal at times, but she’s all bark and no bite. Barb does take a little bit of time to warm up to you, but once she does, she never wants to leave!

Lady Hoover

Lady Hoover resides in a foster home. To meet her, complete an adoption application and a foster coordinator will reach out to you!

Lady Hoover came to us as an owner surrender due to a change in housing requirements. She is a senior beagle mix who acts like a puppy! She LOVES all toys, going on walks, and getting treats. She is not crate-trained and will need guidance in housetraining. Due to her enthusiastic style of play and intermittent toy guarding issues, she would do best in a home with older children who will give her the space she prefers. A meet and greet is recommended for any potential dog siblings as she has mixed experiences with dogs within our care. Her ideal home is one that is filled with toys and treats, has space for her to run and play, and has patience as she relearns what life is like outside the shelter! She is more than ready to find her forever home! Could your home be the one she dreams of each night? Come find out by meeting her today!


Uno resides in a foster home! To meet him, complete an application and a foster coordinator will reach out to you.

Uno is a large (54lbs) adult (2 year old) coonhound that was brought to us due to his owners financial situation.

Uno is a part time auctioneer, full time burglar alarm. This sweet boy LOVES to howl and let you know he wants to be pet, or that it’s dinner time. He enjoys going on walks and gets around by sniffing with the help of his handler as his guide person.

Uno is blind in both eyes but has plenty of love to make up for it. While in our care, he has tested positive for lyme disease as well. Lyme is a tickborne disease that may have symptoms such as lameness, low appetite, and fatigue to name a few. Consulting with a veterinarian about the best treatment options is highly recommended.

Uno is noted to have gotten along well with other dogs in his previous home but would prefer a meet and greet before going home with his potential best friend. Uno’s ideal adopter is someone who is willing to work on his leash manners as he does pull very hard, yet is also understanding of his medical diagnoses and willing to provide the ongoing care that he may need at a later date.

If you are interested in Uno, submit an adoption application and visit him today!


Ron resides in a foster home! To meet him, complete an application and a foster coordinator will reach out to you.

Ron is a medium (50lbs) adult (4 year old) Redbone Coonhound mix who was brought to us as a stray in December 2021.

Ron became very stressed in the kennel environment and bounced off the walls in his kennel. As a result of this, he quickly lost weight and struggled to regain. He spent a short time in a foster home where he was persistent in attempting to get at any food he saw (both human food and dog food). Ron spent several weeks in the spring at an offsite facility where he had a large empty room, instead of a kennel, to himself. Ron did very well in the quieter, less-stressful environment that also had a large woodsy area he could explore outside three times per day. He subsequently regained a healthy weight.

He’s best-suited for a home without young children due to his food reactivity. He has done very well in dog playgroups at the shelter and is currently in a foster home with five other dogs. However, due to his resource guarding of food, he would do best in a home with no other dogs if there is no available option for controlled, separate eating locations. Ron’s ideal adopter should have experience with training and managing dogs with resource guarding.

Given that Ron had so many stressors around not having consistent access to food before coming into our care, he has come a long way. In the right environment with plenty of opportunities to explore, play, and eat independently, Ron is an amazing dog! After over 8 months in the shelter environment, Ron very much deserves a forever home! Want to meet him? Contact with his name in your email subject, fill out the behavioral form linked below, and complete an adoption application linked above.

Ron requires special counseling due to his behavioral needs. If you are interested in Ron, submit an adoption application and special form by copy+pasting the link below into your browser. A member of our staff will review your information and contact you regarding next steps.


Roscoe resides in a foster home. To meet him, complete an application and a foster coordinator will reach out to you.

Are you looking for a dog that likes naps just as much as you do? What about snacks? Meet Roscoe! This large fella is quite the couch potato, preferring to spend his days snuggled up under a blanket. He thinks he’s a lap dog and would prefer to be laying on you, if you don’t mind. He walks well on a leash and knows how to sit, lay down, and shake. Come meet Roscoe today!