This dog was found around Devon Lane, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801 on 01/25/2023. She was found wearing a nylon/cloth collar with a retractable leash attached to it.

Powdered Donut

Meet Powdered Donut, or “PD or Donut” for short! She is very loving and quick to get to know you and become your best friend. She really enjoys petting and getting her ears scratched. She’s playful and loves mice and track toys, toys that jingle, exploring her domain and soft blankets to snuggle into. PD would probably love a home where she is the only cat.

Powdered Donut and foster’s 3 favorite things about her
1. Donut sleeps on your pillow at the top of your head every night and will occasionally try to “groom” you by licking your hair
2. Donut doesn’t really meow, she murps and chirps! She loves to talk, but she does it in her little chirps. She also purrs extremely loud for such a little cat!
3. Donut loves to sleep under blankets. When I get home from classes or work and she doesn’t greet me or I can’t find her, I just have to look for a lump under a fuzzy blanket and Donut will be there sleeping like a shrimp!


Snowball came to the shelter after her family could no longer keep her. She spent the last few years as an outside cat with the family but was allowed to come inside during the day. She took some time adjusting to the shelter environment and has now made friends and came out of her shell. Snowball has been the very best office cat, if you can’t tell from her photos! She roams around the office, but mostly just enjoys her days perched up by the printer or on the office chairs, like the queen she is. Snowball has been loving all the attention she receives as our full time shelter “manager.” She gets visited often and loves when people spend a little time with her, she even crawls in your lap for snuggles sometimes. Snowball, is a laid-back and calm lady, so we are sure she would make the best companion for any home or office, as long as she doesn’t have to share your attention! Come meet this good girl today!


Mimi went missing from Rocky Ln, Harrisonburg, VA, 22802 on 12/19/2022. He is said to be microchipped.


Looking for the total package? Look no further – Ducky is a four-year-old hound who is a sponge for affection. He spent his life outside on a chain, but he has done well adjusting to leash-walking and socializing with people. Sometimes when he is excited he will jump because he just can’t hold it in! Ducky would do well in a home that can provide him with lots of cuddles and that would have patience as he adjusts to a life indoors with people! This friendly guy is sure to be a great addition to any family – stop by to meet Ducky today!

(from Foster) Introducing Mr. Ducky, a loveable, energetic, and goofy hound dog. Ducky is comfortable spending the workday napping away in his crate and is 90% house trained with the occasional accident. He has been learning to play with toys on his own but loves to play with other dogs and people. Ducky has the squishiest face and will cuddle up with you on the couch in the evenings. He is dog friendly and loves to chase cats up trees. He walks decently on a leash but will try to chase small fluffy animals if they cross his path. Loves walks, fluffy toys, cuddles, treats, and puzzle toys. Duck is always available for any zoom meeting appearances and will be the hit of the meeting.


Kilo went missing from an unknown location on 11/16/22. He went missing wearing a collar but no other forms of identification (microchip, tags, etc.)