***This animal is not yet available for adoption***

Found on 06/19/24 on Jess Arey Lane near Robinson Road in Dayton, VA. No known forms of identification.


This is Luna! She is such a sweet, playful little kitty. She loves humans, toys, sitting in the window, making biscuits, and exploring! Luna does have some partial blindness but she doesn’t let that stop her from exploring! She loves to smell everything and play with any toys, but especially ones that make sounds. She has a lot of energy, but when she’s ready to settle down, she will cuddle up right next to you. Because of her vision, she takes a little bit to get warmed up to new environments, but once she settles, she will make it her home! She’s also not a huge fan of loud or sudden sounds. She also likes to walk right at your feet, so she could be a tripping hazard for some people. I know Luna will make a great companion for whoever is lucky enough to take her home.