Meet Shakira, she’s the very best girl! She’s sweet as ever and the very cutest. She would do best in a home where she doesn’t need to share your attention, maybe she’s a bit of a hog, but trust us you will love her. Shakira loves to rub her head against you for pets and snuggles, and simply can’t get enough. In fact, she loves to rub up against everything, and it’s totally adorable! She has a silly walk that has rewarded her the name Shakira, but you’ll have to see for yourself. Come meet Shakira, to take home your best friend!


Meet Crock-Pot, she’s a good girl, with the funniest meow you’ve ever heard. She loves when you talk to her and will meow back. She has become a favorite at the RHSPCA, for her silly side, and her sass. Crock-Pot is spunky and loves to get attention, maybe she’s even a little bit of a diva. But, we love her all the same, and are sure you will too. Come meet our girl Crock-Pot today!