Chipper Kipper is always ready to brighten your day with a smile! It’s hard to capture a dog with so much personality, but one thing is for sure – he is an exuberant ball of energy that thrives on adventure. Kip is a rowdy guy who enjoys friendly play, but be ready for lots of excited jumps. He does well with entertaining himself, often tossing toys into the air for his own amusement. This goofy pup lives by the motto “No work, all play.” If you are looking for something to bring joy and laughter to your life, meeting Kip is a great place to start! Visit him at the shelter today!


Lincoln went missing on 5/23/23 in the Mt Clinton Pike area.


Meet Momo, a four-year-old pitbull mix with a heart of gold! She is a sweet girl who can be a bit timid at first. It can take her a minute to get comfortable and trust someone new, but you can see in her eyes that she just wants to be loved. Momo’s perfect day would be to sit outside on a sunny afternoon or to take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Momo may take some time to warm up to new canine friends, so she would do best in a home that understands her need for patience and slow introductions to other dogs. Come by the shelter today to meet this special girl!

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