Beethoven “Bae”

Beethoven, or “Bae” as his best buds call him, is a quirky ball of fun. This bright, young fella already knows how to sit and will even give you paw as a trade for a yummy snack! Got ropes, balls or squeaky things? Great! You’ve won this guy’s heart over. His energetic and determined spirit will make him a loyal companion for any family. Come on down to see this guy’s goofy side today!


Molly here is looking for her next best friends who are willing to go get her some meaty snacks to try. She is shy at first, but she doesn’t take long to warm up with some reassurance from her potential new pals. This beautiful gal loves to take her time on walks and won’t drag you down. Molly’s chocolate eyes are sure to melt your heart. Give this lovely lady a little time to get to know you and she’ll be more than happy to give you love in return! Come on down to check her out today.


This dog was found on Battery Heights Ln, Port Republic, VA, 24471 on 12/09/2020. She does not have any forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.).