I’m MooMoo and I don’t care what anyone tells you, I’m part cow. Unlike a cow, Mr. MooMoo is not a vegetarian. He LOVES his food and the more meat the better. He is a true gentleman so he will be just as happy with regular cat food. If you are wanting an affectionate cat, you have found him. While he used to be an outdoor cat, he is ready to spend the rest of his days napping in his forever home. He enjoys playing with his toys, cuddling from time to time, and of course, eating. We aren’t saying we have heard him moo, but we aren’t not saying it either. Fill out an application today and you might be lucky enough to hear him moo!


I’m Daisy and I would be ever so grateful if you would pick me! This young lady is ready to bloom in a new forever home with a new best friend. She loves water, to drink, not to play in. She is also quite fond of food, but then again, who isn’t? If you are ready to bask in the sunshine with this gal, then adopt her. Right now.