Hi there, I’m Nicole. I had a rough start to life but I’m learning to trust. I may be a bit shy at first, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got a mind of my own and a heart full of love. My independence means I can entertain myself, but I also enjoy learning new tricks. I’ve been told I’m quite smart, you see. I’m the type of dog who would rather solve a puzzle than chase a ball. I’m looking for a family who can appreciate my quiet intelligence and independent spirit. Could that be you?


Does it get much cutter than Pixie? This loving girl is sure to liven any home up with her sweet personality and her hidden goofy side! Pixie loves squeaky toys, going for long, casual walks and being told how pretty she is. Pixie gets along with most children, but will be best in a home with children who understand and respect her space/ boundaries. She gets along with most dogs, but is nervous around dogs that are bigger than her. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet girl, come to the shelter today to fill out an application.


This ball of sweetness is Mia. She’s a 2-year-old, 60lb lap dog. Mia absolutely loves people and is happiest snuggled up in your lap. She also really loves playing with other dogs and is great at sharing everything from toys to treats. Mia is fully housetrained and is content laying on the couch looking out the window when no one is home. She knows a few basic commands and will happily perform for treats.


Solo is looking to worm his way into someone’s heart, home and potentially their bed! This pup is sure to entertain you with his silly personality. Solo is a very smart pup, with a zest for life and energy to burn. He’s been in a foster home where he’s been living with two dogs and loving every minute of it. His fosters shared that he has really settled in and starting to get used to being in a home. He’s crate trained and does fine in the create for up to four hours. Solo has started enjoying car rides and is getting more and more used to household activities and sounds (vacuums, kitchen appliances etc.) everyday. He sleeps in his crate at night and is crated when the fosters are away.

He loves to go for long walks, play tug of war and be wherever his people are! Solo loves all kinds of people, but his energy can be overwhelming for smaller children who aren’t used to bigger pups! He loves making new friends, so if you’re interested in meeting Solo, submit an application for adoption and we’ll put you in touch with the foster parents who can share more information with you.


Hello, I’m Emerald! I’ve got a heart as green and vibrant as my name suggests. I’m a sweet and friendly gal, always ready for a good laugh. My goofy antics and funny quirks keep everyone around me entertained. Playtime is my favorite time, and I’ve got the energy to match! I’m a quick learner, always curious and eager to explore. While I love everyone, I do best with older kids who can match my energy. I get along great with other dogs who can keep up with my playful spirit. Cats, however, are not my cup of tea. I promise to fill your life with laughter, fun, and lots of love. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who’s sure to keep you on your toes, then I’m your girl. Adopt me and let’s start our fun-filled adventure together!