***This is a stray animal and not currently available for adoption.***Found stray 9/20/23 on Stone Spring Dr near Port Republic Rd. No collar or microchip.


This is Saturn he is energetic and lovey! He was shy for a minute but loves to be close to his human whether that’s playing or snuggling he wants to be near you! He also loves to play with his brother Mars and explore!


Limerick is a Velcro kitten. She needs to be with her human, and when she can’t be, she’ll be sure to let you know how she feels about that. She is also very outgoing and has never met a stranger in her life. Everybody is instantly her friend. Limerick loves to spend her days snuggling in her person’s lap, or across their shoulders, like a little purring scarf. She has a playful side, too, and loves anything that dangles: fishing pole toys, hoodie strings, hair, other cat’s tails, or even her own tail depending on her mood. When she’s in scarf mode, Limerick is content to ride around the house on your shoulders as you go about your day. She also enjoys sitting in the window and watching the birds and bugs go about their days outside. She gets along well with other cats and is intrigued by the small dogs she shares a foster home with.


Sonnet thrives on love and chaos, and is very people oriented. He climbs everything that looks even remotely climbable, and has to explore every inch of his environment. He especially likes checking out how you have your closets, cabinets, and drawers organized, and will hop inside them to see how things look whenever he has the opportunity. Sonnet is a snuggle bug, and loves to share your pillow with you so he can be as close to you as possible. He loves to meet anyone who enters your home, and expects everyone he meets to immediately fall in love with him (so far, he’s been right). Sonnet charms new people with his sweet disposition and friendly personality, and soon has delivery people, repair people, neighbors, and friends under his spell and petting and snuggling him. He loves to play, too, and likes crinkle balls, catnip mice, and puff balls the best.

#7 Tim’s Orange 1


#10 Trap Cat




Runion 16