Do you have a whole lotta love to give to a whole lotta cat? Louie is a large boy that is soft in the middle. Louie loves pets and wants to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION. Louie is declawed, so he must be kept safely indoors at all times. Although Louie has lived with other animals, he is older now and would prefer to be the only pet so that he can get all of your love. For a big cat, Louie is very agile and loves to run and play. Because Louie is declawed, he has developed a habit of using his teeth to get your attention. You should be an experienced cat person who can read Louie’s signals. A quiet home would be best for Louie. No small children or dogs. Louie is a loveable lump and if you are willing to help him learn new ways to cope without his claws, make an appointment to meet Louie and speak with an adoption counselor for more details.