Why, hello there! It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Socks and I can already tell we are going to be best friends! If you’re looking for a cat who has a lifetime of affection to give, Socks is your gal! She may be small, but her heart is HUGE and it sure has a lot of love to give. She enjoys toys, attention, food, and cuddles. One of the best things about her, you’ll never have to wash her socks because they are permanent. If she sounds like the perfect fit for you, fill out an application for her today!


Junebug is a 6 year old gal who is a first time mom. Now that her kittens have grown up and moved away, she is ready to party. By party, we mean stretching out and taking naps. She is definitely a grandma at heart. She tends to make biscuits while she is sleeping. When she is awake, she is a super cuddly lady. Junebug is also nosy so don’t even try to hide anything from her. We know you’re trying to hide your love for her right now, but don’t. Let it out and take her home with you.

Rainbow Brite

Do you enjoy spending your days snuggled up under the covers avoiding all adult responsibilities? Does it get lonely sometimes? Well have no fear, Rainbow Brite is here to be your new buddy. The only thing she loves as much as snacks is getting nice and cozy under the covers, not to mention she gives excellent cuddles. If this sounds like the perfect match for you, come snatch up Rainbow Brite today.


Super sweet little Edwin loves to be held and loves affection. This is not always the case with a new kitten. But I must say Edwins most endearing feature is his enjoyment in simple play….for Edwin his whole world is a toy made just for him. He is very high energy. Oh how he loves his toys …Edwin is also a tree dweller. He enjoys climbing up and down the cat tree in the kitten room.
All this energy requires lots of kitten food. He is very fond of Tiny Tiger pate in a packet. Edwin is very clean. He keeps himself very tidy and he has never missed using his litter box….
Edwin was a joy to care for