Hi, my name is Bean! I am mostly a quiet, shy, kitty, but I am more bold than my sister, Ivy. We look almost the same, but I have a brown spot above my eye. I’m the first to explore my new surroundings, but I do need a little time to get used to new places. I don’t meow much, but when I do it’s usually because I’m not sure where my sister went and I want her to join me! I haven’t gotten used to playing with cat toys yet, and I love to snuggle in my bed and be petted (especially behind my ears). When I’m feeling more comfortable in my new home, I’ll probably be more playful – I am very curious about those wand toys! Even though I’m a little shy, I still love to explore and I can find the tiniest places to hide. I never hiss or scratch at people, not even kids, and I love to eat! In fact, I’ll sometimes push Ivy out of the way. I’m getting used to being around people of all ages, but I haven’t been with any other animals, other than my sister. I will be a wonderful kitty to have in your home, and will be ready to snuggle!