*This animal is not available for adoption.* This cat was found near Singers Glen, VA, 22850 on 06/07/2023. The kitten was found with no forms of identification.


Meet Buster, this big orange man is just as handsome as they come. Buster craves affection, and hates when you quit paying attention to him. If he had it his way, he would prefer people to pet him all day long. Buster can get a bit grumpy or nippy when he doesn’t get all the attention he wants, or when you quit petting him. (We know, dramatic) So we feel older kids may be the best option for him, if there will be children in the home. Buster also enjoys the company of other cats, and even tolerates the ones who don’t like him. He is a great cat all around, and anyone would be lucky to have him as their newest companion. Come meet Buster today!