The name is Dallas and I am about as special as they come. Just because I’m considered a senior, doesn’t mean I’m ready for retirement. Dallas has a knack for listening to people talk as he used to spend his days navigating the streets. This buff boy loves attention and will curl up next to you in a heartbeat. He wants to spend his days hiding toys so you can’t find them, eating lots of yummy food, and of course, napping. He is just waiting for his new best friend to walk through the door, or drop down from a different universe; he isn’t picky. Dallas is ready to find all the different elements of his forever home so adopt him today.


This little lady is ready to light the flame in your heart. Flame is a beautiful orange kitty looking for a home in time for the holidays. She loves to play so make sure you have lots of toys.


This cat was found on Virginia Ave., between Edom and Fifth St., Harrisonburg, VA, 22802 on 01/06/2020. It does not have any forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.).


Cat was brought in by ACO. Cat was found on South High St. in Harrisonburg, Va. on 03/22/2021 Cat has on no forms of identification (collar, microchip etc.)


My sister Mattie and I have lived our entire life together. Unfortunately one of our owners passed away and we were brought to the shelter to find our next home. We are both very sweet cats that are affectionate. Of course we are a little stressed out about all the changes in our life. We would be much happier if we could continue living together so would you consider taking us both home? Because we are over 7 years old, we qualify for the Seniors for Seniors discount. Please ask staff for more details.