Hi, there! I’m Waffle and you I would be honored to share my eggo with you. Waffle is very adventurous!! He is the first to explore something new and he loves to run, jump, and climb. He has lots of energy! Maybe he’s licked too much syrup? If he sounds like the boy for you, book an appointment to meet him!!


NO WAY!?! I just know I heard you say your favorite color is Hazel? Mine too, in fact, it’s how I got my name. Hazel is very independent and can be a little shy at first but is very sweet once you get to know her. She loves to rub up against you and meow for pets. She’s a very polite girl and easy to love! Come meet her today!


Are you looking for someone to snoop into your heart? Well you better pick me then. I’m Snoopy (no relation to Charlie Brown) and you’ve just met your forever best friend. Snoopy is such a cuddly boy. He will go wherever you go and is happy to curl up on your lap and purr until he falls asleep. He will make a wonderful friend to anyone who wants a sweet, gentle lap cat. Fill out an application for him today!!


Leon is a handsome boy that is a little shy. He did not have someone to show him love when he was real little so he is still learning to get comfortable with people. He loves pets and is getting better with being held. If you are willing to show him some love, he will return the favor.