My name’s Mallory and I may be petite, but my love for you is already ginormous. She might seem a little shy at first, but it’s only because she’s a princess and wants to make sure you are worthy. If you think you are, take some time to get to know her. Just be prepared that she will rule the kingdom once you get her home. She might let you think you are in charge from time to time but remember, you’re not. She does promise to cuddle you. Mallory loves to be pet. Almost as much as you are going to love her.


I call myself Mohawk. Mostly because my hair won’t grow long enough for me to have one. It also makes me sound cool. Mohawk doesn’t need any help being cool, though. He is a kind and sweet boy who acts tough in front of his friends. Once you get to know him you’ll find out what a gentleman he truly is. He enjoys pets on his head and a cuddle from time to time. If you’re ready to take this sensitive, tough, and cool guy home, fill out an application for him.


These kittens were abandoned at the RHSPCA on the morning of 10/02/2020 in a carrier. There was two other kittens from the same litter and 5 kittens of a different litter.

Lula Mae

Let me gaze into your eyes… The first thing you will notice about me are my huge, mesmerizing eyes. I am a very special gal that is looking for her forever home. I am affectionate and have a playful side. I like to be up high so I can look out on the world. Do you have a nice window so I can watch the birds and sun myself? I have lived with other cats and I learn to be okay with them. Please stop by and meet me today.