**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This kitten was found on Hobby Horse Lane and Mountain Valley Road, Broadway, VA on 04/16/2024. No forms of identification.


**This animal is not available adoption.**

This cat was found on Turleytown Rd and Horn Mill Dr, Broadway, VA, 22815. He was found without any forms of identification.


***This animal is not yet available for adoption***

Found on 04/15/24 on Liberty Street near North Main Street in Harrisonburg, VA. Found wearing a collar.


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This dog was found at Switzer Lake at Switzer Lake Rd and Rawley Pike, Rockingham, VA on 04/13/2024. She was found with no forms of identification.


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This cat was found on Traveler Lane and Janie Lane, Rockingham, VA, 22801 on 04/13/2024. It was found with no forms of identification.


Meet Harley, a shy and gentle soul who has a heart full of love to share. She’s an adult cat who cherishes quiet moments and the gentle touch of a kind hand. Despite her initial shyness, Harley is incredibly sweet and friendly once she feels comfortable. She enjoys a peaceful environment and would thrive in a calm and loving home. Harley has a knack for making people feel special with her tender purrs and soft nudges. Her charming personality is sure to win you over. Adopt Harley, and let her bring a touch of tranquility to your life.


Charlotte went missing from Powers Lane and South East Side Hwy, Port Republic, VA, 24471 on 03/21/2024. She may be microchipped.


He is a confident kitty with a very sweet meow. Will greet you when you come home by rubbing on your legs. Also loves full body pets, butt taps, and head/cheek scratches! He doesn’t mind being picked up for a short time, but isn’t a lap cat yet. He is curious about other cats and will likely be friendly with them. He loves to chase and pounce on his string. His favorite places to lounge are human beds or a cozy chair/box that’s a little hidden for naps.