The adventures of Tuba and his brother Otis! These two guys were found at an I-81 rest stop. Probably taking a quick break along their exciting journey. These two were picked up and brought to the SPCA where they received age-appropriate vaccines and got neutered. But now each are ready to disperse separate ways and continue their adventures with families of their own.


*This animal is not available for adoption.* Thro/Bogey was found on Union Springs Rd., Dayton, VA, 22821 on 03/29/2021. He was found wearing a black collar, and has a known owner.


I flew into the RHSPCA not long ago form undisclosed, previous adventures. I was not able to tell all the nice folks that work and volunteer there about my past, but they quickly found out I have a sweet, lovable energy. I am a young, energetic fella, so someone that likes to get out and exercise or has a place with some space where we can get rowdy, well, we will make fast friends. OH, I forgot to tell you, I am a smart cookie and all ready know basic commands and am highly trainable. I can not wait to meet you!


*This animal is not available for adoption.* This dog was found on S. Eastside Hwy, Grottoes, VA, 24441 on 12/28/2021. It was found wearing a green collar, and a dark brown electric fence collar.


Gunner went missing from Huff Trail, Broadway, VA, 22815 on 08/04/2022. She is said to be gone missing wearing a cloth/nylon collar.

The owner notes Spirit has a crooked front paw.


*This animal is not available for adoption* Dog was brought in by ACO Simmers. Dog was found on Briery Branch Road in Dayton, VA. Brindle German Shepherd/Pit Bull Mix. Male with pink collar.