Cash isn’t all about the money, he really just wants someone who will love him and take him on nice walks. He’s a very social guy, who came in with his brother Chevelle. If you are looking for a great pair of dogs, considering checking him out as well!


Lyla resides in a foster home. To meet her, fill out an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up a meeting!

Apparently the name Lyla means “island beauty” but that’s no shock because I am the most beautiful, well mannered girl. I always sit for treats and when I see someone come up to me, I get so excited that the wagging starts in my tail and takes over my entire body !!! I bet I’d wag like that if you came to adopt me !!!


Herrroooooo !!!! I’m Grizzly, also known as Grizz, bear, crazy man or Grizzy boy. I am the most super smart man, so much so that I even know how to open my kennel to the outside, but I only do it because I loooove to sunbathe and get tan !!! The volunteers love walking me because I get so excited to be out and I just want to give everyone loves. Thinking of giving me loves ??? well come see me today and I bet you’ll get some !