*This animal is not yet available for adoption* This female heeler puppy was found on Lawyer Road in Penn Laird, VA on 02/19/2021 around 2:30 PM. The dog did not have any forms of identification.


Heyoooo, it’s Arlo ! Arlo is a fun loving, quirky boy who just wants to have a good time. He surely still has puppy energy so he would benefit from a little training to hone in on all of his sick heeler skills. He LOVES going on walks but in his spare time you can find him snuggling up to his green dinosaur until he falls asleep !


Kratos is the air bud of blue heelers. He is very shy at first but with plenty of tbones and pets, he warms up quickly. He knows “sit” like its his name and always comes when called. In his free time you can catch him jumping 5 feet in the air to catch tennis balls. He has gotten along well with other dogs and cats and is said to be crate trained as well. Come meet Kratos today!


This rootin’, tootin’ Cowboy is full of enthusiasm for life! He would love to show you how high he can throw a rope, how fast he can run, and how high he can jump. While he’s ready for the circus, he’s equally ready to be your foot warmer while you sit on the couch. If you’re lookin for a boot scootin’ good time, come meet Cowboy today!


Willow is a medium (27lbs) heeler puppy (5 months old) that was brought to us when her owner no longer had the time to care for her, resulting in her under socialized demeanor.

Willow is a typical heeler pup with plenty of energy and would do best in a home that encourages her to work and get her energy out. She listens very well and is intelligent, but does best when she has direction and structure in her life. Due to her energy level and showing signs of resource guarding, she would do best in a home with older children that understand boundaries.

Willow has gotten along with other dogs while in our care but would prefer a meet and greet before going home with her potential best friend as she prefers a pal that has a matching energy level. Willow’s ideal adopter is someone who is willing to work on her socialization skills and let her show off her sportiness.

If you are interested in Willow, submit an adoption application and make an appointment to visit her today!


Are you in need of dog who loves to hug? Well, Henry has tried to hug many people, and some dogs too, while he’s been with us in the shelter and now he’s waiting to show you want he can do! Henry came into the shelter as a stray dog. He’s been loving towards everyone he’s met but will need some time and practice with how to be the goodest boy! Since Henry’s been with us at the shelter, staff and volunteers have fallen in love with his calm and loving demeanor at first, and seeing his whole personality with more time. Come meet Henry today!