***This animal is not yet available for adoption***
Found stray on Donnagail Dr near Presidential Circle in Penn Laird, VA No forms of identification.


Lucy went missing from Rachel Dr, Penn Laird, VA, 22846 on 12/06/2023. She is microchipped.


Meet Vexx, a dog with a heart full of joy and a spirit of endless curiosity. He is an adult dog, but his playful nature would have you believe he’s still a puppy. Every day is a new adventure for Vexx, whether it’s chasing after a leaf blowing in the wind or investigating a new smell. He is not just curious about the world around him, but also about the people he meets. He loves to play fetch, learn new tricks, and is always ready for a good belly rub. Vexx is more than just a shelter dog; he’s a companion waiting to share his love and enthusiasm for life. His playful, curious nature is sure to bring joy and laughter to any home. Adopt Vexx and add a touch of adventure to your everyday life.


This handsome fellow is loveable. Binx loves to play, especially wrestling with his siblings. He loves to eat just as much, and is very vocal when he feels the need to be picked up for some snuggles.


Winnie, named after Hocus Pocus’ Winifred, is the runt of her litter, but makes up for it with attitude. She’s a bit independent and likes her alone time, but now readily accepts cuddles. When she purrs, she purrs with the entirety of her body.


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This dog was found near the entrance of the Harrisonburg City dog park at 1646 Smithland Road, Harrisonburg, VA, 22802 on 12/03/2023. He was found wearing a faded blue cloth/leather collar.


**This dog is not yet available for adoption** This dog was found on Old Furnace Rd, Harrisonburg VA on 12/2/2023. Dog has no forms of identification.


Meet Blazer, an adult dog with a personality as bright as his name suggests. He’s an inquisitive soul, always eager to explore new environments and sniff out hidden treasures. His curiosity is only matched by his friendliness; Blazer loves meeting new people and dogs alike, greeting everyone with a wagging tail and a goofy grin. His playful antics are sure to bring laughter and joy to any home. Despite his fun-loving nature, Blazer also knows when to settle down and loves nothing more than a good cuddle session. Blazer’s curious, friendly, and goofy nature makes him the perfect addition to any family looking for a loyal companion. He’s waiting to share his love and zest for life with you.

Luna (Buggy) – Lost Cat

Luna (Buggy) went missing from John Paul Jones Ln, Harrisonburg, VA, 22802 on 11/25/2023. She was last seen wearing a break-away/safety collar.


Hello, I’m Bess. I’ve been told I’m friendly, sweet, and gentle. I love to cuddle up and purr to my heart’s content. I’m a good listener too. I can sit by your side for hours, just enjoying your company. I’m an adult cat, but don’t let that fool you. I still have plenty of love and affection to give. I’m not a kitten, but I’m just as playful and curious. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share my warmth and love. Adopting me would mean endless cuddles and a loyal friend for life.