Did you request a hero? Well, I’m Link, and I am at your service! Link is quite a mystical kitten. He is here with his sister Zelda, who believes she is a princess, and is constantly trying to protect her. He would like to protect you too, if you decide to be his forever best friend (which of course you will)! His little purrs will be music to your ears. He is quite vocal as he is trying to settle in. He would love home where he can go on magical quests and adventures. He would also be eternally grateful if you gave him treats, or as he likes to call them rubies, all the time. Are you ready to be the winner of his heart? Adopt him and you won’t be sorry.


Fire the Lazers! I’m Eoto and I love to play. Laser pointers just might be one of my favorite things. This little kitten is full of energy and would love to dance the night away. Well, maybe just part of the night because sleep is very important to kittens. While there might be a lot of black kittens and cats to choose from, how many of them will gladly wear a bandana around their neck? Imagine having your best furriend showing off your favorite band’s or sport’s team bandana. Take your time getting to know her and she will fall in love you with as well because we know you’ve already fallen in love with her.


My heavy metal name may make you think I’m a rocker, but actually I’m a rather prim and proper little lady. I was found wandering around and a nice person helped me get here so that I could find my loving forever home.


My luxurious long black coat was the inspiration for my name. You might think that I bring dark skies, but actually I consider myself to have a rather sunny personality. I enjoy quiet conversations and sleepy afternoons. My front feet are declawed which leaves me somewhat defenseless so I will need to be an indoor only cat. Stop by and let me brighten your day.


Oh, hi there. You can call me Opal. When I first came here, I was very scared and am still shy, but I’m no longer terrified of everything. I come to the front of the kennel and love getting pets and, while it’s taking some getting used to, I’m learning to be okay with being held. If you’ve got the time for me, I’ve got the love for you!