Hi there, I’m Kobe! I’m just an adorable puppy looking for a place to call home. My perfect home would have lots and lots of toys!! I sure do love playing any chance I get- ropes, squeaker toys, you name it. I also love people! I’m a really friendly guy, everyone is my best friend. I love going on walks, and greeting everyone with my perfect pittie smile. Other than walks, my favorite times of day is anytime I get to be with my people, anywhere they are.

I’m working on being the bestest boy I can be in the home. At my fosters’ house, I’ve learned how to be in a crate, have good manners when I greet people (I sometimes can be a little rowdy but I’m working on it!!), and even some commands. I will do anything for some cheese or head scratches. My adopter should help me continue to learn new things, but don’t worry, I’m a fast learner! In closing, I am so excited to meet my new family- I just know you are out there somewhere! Fill out an application so we can become new best friends!


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

King was found on Marble Ridge Drive and Brentwood Drive, Harrisonburg, VA on 05/15/2024. He has a known owner.


Bristol went missing on 05/10/24 from Morning View Rd near Cherry Blossom Lane in Singers Glen. VA. She is microchipped.


Meet Tater, a young pup with a heart full of love. His sweet nature and friendly disposition make him the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loyal friend. Tater can come off as a little shy or nervous at first but it doesnt take long for his energetic and goofy side to shine through! He needs a patient, loving family who will help him come out of his shell. If you’re interested in this sweet boy, come to the shelter today!


Sama is a young and handsome boy, ready to bring the energy and love into your home! Sama loves to go for long walks or hikes, playing around outside, sleeping and lounging around when he’s done playing. He’s eager to please and is easily motivated by treats, which will help train him to be your perfect companion! If you’re interested in meeting Sama, come to the shelter today!


Looking for a new family member?? Then look no further, I’m sweetie and I am the sweetest little girl you will ever meet, my smile lights up the room. I am full of love and want nothing more than a family to spend time with. I LOVE other dogs and would do best in a home with other animals (big and small). I’m a little nervous at first but after a day once I’m more comfortable I’ll be laying on your lap. I’m very smart and learning new things everyday. With patience and love I will be the perfect addition to your family


Meet Cardi, a dog with a heart as big as her personality. This adult canine is known for her cuddly nature and friendly demeanor. She’s a sweet soul who loves nothing more than to be by your side, giving and receiving affection. Her curiosity makes every day an adventure, whether it’s exploring new scents on a walk or discovering a new favorite toy. She’s eager to learn and quick to love, making her an ideal companion. Cardi’s warmth and love are infectious, making every moment with her special. By adopting Cardi, you’re not just getting a pet, you’re gaining a loyal friend who will enrich your life with her sweet, loving nature.


Denzel is a sweet and curious boy, on the search for love and a couch to sleep on. This guy will melt your heart with just one look! Weather it be being your personal shadow or the clean up crew for any food spillage, Denzel wants to be there for it all. He loves to run around and go for walks outside, but his favorite thing to do is being lazy with you! Come to the shelter today to meet this sweet boy!


Hi there, I’m Arlo! I’ve got a whole lot of love to give. My days are filled with chasing after toys and making friends. I’m quite the social butterfly, you see. I love meeting new people and I’ve never met a toy I didn’t like. I’m also a quick learner, always eager to master new tricks for a treat. I’m a bundle of joy, always ready to play and bring a smile to your face. Adopt me, and let’s fill our days with play, love, and endless joy together!


Hello there, I’m Max. My days are filled with wagging tails and playful barks. I’m known for my sweetness and friendliness. Fetch is my favorite game and I can’t resist a good belly rub. I’ve made many friends here, both human and canine. But what I truly yearn for is a family of my own. A home where I can share my boundless love and playful energy. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who will always be there to greet you with a wagging tail and a friendly bark, then I’m your guy. Adopt me and let’s start our journey together.