Princess got her name from being a delightful, dainty princess. Well, except for when she gobbles up all the treats you have. This lady is not picky when it comes to her snacks. She will gladly roll over and ask for belly rubs. She may even pop up a paw and give you a high five. Princess always has a smile on her face and she’s ready to share it with you, so come on down and share a smile with her today!


Ari is a huge snuggler. She knows how to make her big, brown eyes wiggle their way into your heart. She’ll happily come up to you to ask for any kind of scritches you have to give her. Ari’s quirky personality will be a sure fire hit with her new companion. Got snacks? Ari will be glad to munch on any you’ve got stashed away. Come see this girl’s spunky side today!


This pitbull puppy was found at the intersection of Ruby Dr. and Garnet Cir., Rockingham, VA, 22801, on 10/27/2020. She was found wearing a green collar, but no other forms of identification (microchip, spay/neuter tattoo, etc.).