Hello! Mutthogany here! If you look closely at my fur, you’ll see a beautiful brindle swirl mixed in to my spots. It makes me look a little like I have woodgrain trim – possibly mahogany. Hmmm. I’m an active girl who needs lots of exercise to get my energy out. I would love to go for long walks or even runs with you. I’d be a great workout buddy! Because I’m so active, I would be best in a home with older kids (+12 yrs old) or adults just to make sure I don’t overwhelm little kids. I’m a strong puller on the leash, but I am treat motivated and eager to learn. I need the consistency of a person to get trained out of that bad habit. I’ve met other dogs at the shelter and get along with them OK. I’m very eager to greet them and will pull towards them to get a good sniff in. If you have a resident dog at home, let’s plan to do a meet and greet before you seal the deal to make sure we all get along.