Bear went missing from Steamboat Hollow Ln, Dayton, VA, 22821 on 09/13/2022. He was last seen wearing a hunting/blaze orange colllar. Bear is said to be “extremely friendly,” and is said to be terrified of loud noises.


Has someone looked at you like you are nothing? Well, Maltese would never do that! She is loving, sweet and gentle. All she wants is for you to be the same in return. Her most favorite thing to do is be with someone. You will never be lonely with this affectionate dog! She will always do her best to love and please you. So what are you waiting for? Give this cute dog a chance for happiness!


If you are looking for a loyal friend whom loves walks then look no further! Ribsy is very well behaved on a leash and enjoys walking along side you. He is an energetic pup wanting all the walks he can get. Ribsy will give lots of doggy kisses when you come to meet him!