Hello there, kind sir or ma’am! My name is Zane and I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. I enjoy sitting in laps and looking out windows. I’m an older fellow and my 14 years of life have not been kind to my teeth. I’m missing a few of them, so I like to show off the few I have left. I leave a snaggle hanging out every once in a while. It doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you. Because of my lack of toofers, I’d appreciate some wet food or some moistened dry food to help it get down the hatch. I lived with another dog in my previous home and I didn’t like to share my food with him at all. So, if you have another dog already, let’s plan to meet first and make sure we get along. Then if all goes well and I end up coming home with you, I’d prefer to eat in a private dining area, possibly behind a baby gate or just on my own so I don’t have to share with anyone. I qualify for the Seniors for Seniors discount! Adopters +55 yrs old can take me home for just $30!!