This dog, a young black lab, was found on North Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg in the area of Lineweaver Apartments. It was wearing a collar but the owner is unknown.


Trigger may be a big dog, but he is all puppy. This big goofball loves to run, play, and jump and he’s very good at catching treats. He’s full of fun and energy and would love a big family to share that with.


Jude is a very sweet lady when she gets to know you. She’s on the shy side when she first meets you, but her cuddly side really starts to show when she gets outside. Jude will come up to you when she’s ready to ask for lots of scratches. Her floppy ears are the perfect arc to just make you go, “Awww!” Come on down to see her alluring eyes today!


Hobbes is an independent older lad. He will trot off to go do his own thing for a bit, but he is more than happy to come up to you for those scratches he can’t resist. His age is not slowing him down at all and he’s ready to go exploring with his new pals. Hobbes is eager to smell all the neat things that await him outside. Swing on by to check out this handsome ole guy today!